Red-flanked Bluetail

The first time I heard of this species was 1993. I had hardly started birdwatching and I learned of a twitch to see this bird at Winspit, Dorset. At the time I believe it was only Britain’s 13th record and therefore much sought after by listers. Needless to say I didn’t bother.

Fast forward less than four years and I am living in Hong Kong. Mention Red-flanked Bluetail here and people hardly bat an eyelid. Common as muck. Except that the bird is uncommonly beautiful. Well the male is. I wasn’t looking for RFB today but one threw itself in front of me. As it was a male I can hardly call it a brazen hussy but you know what I mean. It stayed in the same copse for about an hour. Still there I expect. Now it was not so shameless as to pose without giving me a bit of target practice. Steady, aim, click…. bum! Gone!

But I did manage a few snapshots and I leave you to decide whether you would twitch this bird. Me, I’ll just wait for another one to come along.

Tarsiger cyanurus Tarsiger cyanurus4 Tarsigercyanurus3 Tarsiger cyanurus2

19 thoughts on “Red-flanked Bluetail

  1. Ooooh what a beauty. And the photos are excellent. Not a cotton-pickin thing wrong with these. All the captures are wonderful. I’d sit there for an hour or more for sure to get these kinds of shots.

    • Good to see you here Yvonne. Are you still confined to library online time or are you up and running again? Whichever it is I hope you have a happy Christmas and that 2014 is a better year for us all but especially you.

      • Thank you, Andew for the better year wishes. I have my old computer back, Nothing major. Will order a new one maybe this week-end since my laptop is 4.5 years old now. Just not sure if I should get a Dell tower with Windows 7 and then buy a monitor to go with it. Or get a HP with windows 8 laptop. Dell is the only one at Costco with Windoiws 7 but it is a desk top. A computer is a must for me. I look up many things on Google and I don’t have a TV- gave that up over a year ago to save money. Besides don’t want to give up blogging. Sort of keeps me going. 🙂

        Here’s wishing you and Ms Ha a lovely Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

  2. He is indeed a real beauty, and looks like a cheeky chappy too – he reminds me of a rather more sartorial and stream-lined Blue Tit but with the markings the other way round. No, possibly not…I need to go and remind myself what a Blue Tit looks like. I may be making a complete tit of myself here…Great photos, Andrew.

  3. I would definitely point a lens at this bird and I would likely go some distance to see one in person. Not “to Hong Kong” distance though. I think the first 3 images are stellar and am pleased to know that you got good light on 3 out of 4. Photos 2 and 3 are exceptional images IMHO. I am always amazed at the variety of birdlife around the world. Every day I see photos of a bird(s) that just make me realize how confined in experience I am. Thanks for bringing some high quality bird photos to your blog and G+.

  4. This bird has personality. The second pix in the series shows determination and confidence. Anthropomorphism is a favored portal amongst a certain class of birders — me included. Your birds oft show us viewpoints into perceived traits of humanity. I like these little birds. They remind me of the birds flyin’ outside my window here at the cottage. Thanks, Andrew.

    • Dawn, I am happy that you liked my bird-friend. I enjoyed standing quietly on the edge of the copse, waiting for him to do a circuit and see whether he would perch cooperatively each time. Nothing wrong with a little patience and communing with a Bluetail.

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