We learned a little about Korean customs when Cost Centre 1 married earlier this year. Korean friends attended the wedding and gave her and her husband a pair of ducks. I saw a similar pair of marriage ducks in Jeju:



The idea is that the couple uses the ducks to signal happiness or displeasure with the other partner. If the ducks are facing one another all is well. If one partner is unhappy they turn the ducks so they face away from one another. It is a very simple way of communicating.

Here the duck on the left seems to have a flat face – I’m not sure whether this is significant. Mrs. Ha didn’t buy these ducks as we are in a state of perpetual happiness. At least, that’s what she tells me. And who am I to argue.

Asian Brown Flycatcher

This tiny bird is a common winter visitor to Hong Kong. That does not make them easy to photograph. Their redeeming feature is that they return to the same perch if you sit quietly and don’t press too close to them.

I managed about 15 minutes with this bird before passers-by flushed it up into the tree out of sight. I’m sure it will be there next time.