BAD 3 and other things

Already the wheels are coming off. No birding today means I have to reach back to the 1st and 2nd of January for my bird. What on earth am I going to do tomorrow? Indulge me though, a little, as I digress.  It has been a day of discards.

We have rented an air-conditioned godown for as long as we have been in this house. The idea was to store all the things we wanted to keep but for which we no longer had room. In my memory it was stuffed to the gunwales with valuable artefacts and heirlooms. I was slightly bemused this morning to find it contained only the following:

1 washing machine

1 gas dryer

1 set of golf clubs, post-hickory era but not by much. The driver was still a real wood.

Miscellaneous artwork and framed photos

1 coffee table

2 bedside cabinets.

And we have been paying an arm and half a short leg for storing this, year in, year out.  Yikes. So already I have given away one painting. The rest of the artwork has been stored around the house in nook and crannies. The golf clubs and white goods will go if we can’t find a taker. The coffee table and bedside cabinets we will either give away or find a way of rehousing. Et voilà! A decent amount of money saved in one fell swoop. However in the course of investigating what we could throw from the storeroom at home to make way for the incoming, I discovered a few little gems I thought might have gone astray. Enough volumes of Charles Dickens to keep me going through 2014. My copy of 1066 and all that! and importantly, all 12 issues of Birding World, 2003, containing in the September issue that much sought-after paper on Identification of Mongolian and Lesser Sand Plovers. Hooray. All of this of course did not play well with the memsahib, who wanted to get on with the throwing out. Never mind. We shall both live to fight another day. Probably tomorrow.

So to the third bird. Today’s successful applicant is Brown-headed Thrush, Turdus chrysolaus. Now TC has been putting on a fine show at Long Valley and I was fortunate enough to take some shots when the fast food bar was closed and the serving staff had not yet roused themselves from their slumbers.

Brown-headed Thrush Brown-headed Thrush 7These are very early morning shots, around 7.15am. TC isn’t really doing much but I guess that’s what birds do when they have just woken up. They wander around aimlessly looking for cereal and toast. Later in the day the McGrub café opened and the light improved.Brown-headed Thrush Brown-headed Thrush LRver Brown-headed Thrush 4Its a very pretty bird. Far more attractive than say, Chiffchaff. And I suspect it hoards a lot less  junk valuable antiques than Mrs. Ha and I do. So all in all I thought it was worth bird of the day.

I shall now have a sleepless night worrying about bird number 4. In the worst case I could always go and look for the Chiffchaff but frankly, life’s too short. And I have not yet finished Little Dorrit. It could be a Chinese Bulbul day tomorrow. Or perhaps Stejneger’s Stonechat. I shall leave you in suspense.



14 thoughts on “BAD 3 and other things

  1. A case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ 😉 Nowadays I try not to buy non-edible items unless they are books, music or clothes/shoes so as to manage my material possessions. Even then, I constantly amaze myself with some of the books or clothing items that re-surface every now and then!

    I love the last photo with the light bouncing off the thrush’s handsome chest. Strangely enough, the colours in this photo are mirrored in the milky foamy coffee in a Pantone 137C cup that is next to me right now!

    • I have way too many clothes and keep meaning to throw them out or donate them if in a good condition. I buy practical stuff only now and rely on Mrs. Ha to cheer up the tie department occasionally. One of the many joys of (semi) retirement is no longer having to worry about suits and shirts. They last so much longer when you don’t wear them. Books, well, I love finding ones that I had forgotten. Especially ones from the 60s or 70s with inscriptions. I treat them like old friends..

  2. Who in their right mind names a genus “Turdus”? And even worse, our Robin is Turdus migratorius…the traveling….ah well. My childishness know no bounds.
    BTW, I re-read your BAD post and you only say that you will post a bird a day…not that you will photograph a bird a day…so hitting the archives is within the bounds. 🙂

    • The Romans! Blame the Romans…… Turdus means a thrush in Latin. Or as we used to say at skool:

      Latin is a language
      As dead as dead can be
      It killed the ancient Romans
      And now its killing me.

  3. I’m still smiling at the words I’m learning. “Godown” vs. storage unit, but we still understand paying month by month and forgetting what’s inside.
    I like Jenny’s pre-caffeine bird comment, though I was thinking he actually looked more post-New Year’s Eve celebration.

  4. We have a serious de-clutter coming up soon. Son number two is coming back to live with us and bring his partner as well. They (She) have decided that North Wales is a far better place to live so they have sold their house and are moving in with us until they buy one here….deep joy.

    Meanwhile, what a great little bird, looks almost like a Robin but is obviously a lot larger. Roll on Number 4

  5. You are uplifting, Andrew, and your anecdotes always make me smile. Thank you and bless you for that. Without fail, big, out-loud OOOOOHs from me. I enjoyed the first two Brown-headed Thrushes especially. I love those photos that make me feel as though I’m in them, part of them, that in spirit I’m no different in size, all are one. Mitakuye oyasin

  6. The lighting of the 1st and 3rd shots in group 2 is very nice. As usual I do enjoy the inclusion if habitat in your images.
    Good luck with the de-cluttering. Mrs Ha sounds very patient.

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