Birding the prom

Well no real outing today but the whole idea of BAD was to force me to think differently about my photography. Look for birds in the places I go to even if they are not bird rich in the usual sense. Use whatever camera I have at hand including perhaps the iPhone. From the first 3 days I detect a preference for habitat shots and that is pleasing. It means the 800mm lens should get a rest now and again without upsetting the cognoscenti, who read the blog.

And so it came to pass that Mrs. Ha drove off to see cost centre number two, leaving Methuselah to wander into town on his own armed with nothing but a 400mm F5.6 lens and a 24-70mm zoom. No tripod. Shock horror. The promenade at Sai Kung has 2 main piers which are both good spots for photographing Milvus migrans. The light today was a bit blurgh – washed out, greyish blue at best with a strong bias to the grey. But nonetheless if the birds fly close as they sometimes do you can still get a decent frame or two.Single Black Kite Synchronised Kites Two kitesNone of these will win any prizes but they keep the BAD on track. The middle frame amazes me. How close can they fly without colliding? And what is that red thing? The last shot was included so you can see the upper wing pattern. Rather snazzy don’t you think?

None of this and less tomorrow when the plan is to pour trouble on oiled waters. Don’t miss it.



14 thoughts on “Birding the prom

  1. I like those. They look surreal. I especially like the two flying together. Both shots, but in the middle one if only the angle of the top wing was slightly different they would be in perfect formation. Or maybe they were? Perhaps it was the photographer? No, but seriously, a nice series.

  2. Even on a ‘low gear’ day I am left with lens envy! I too really like the close flying pair.
    Now you have me trying to guess what the ‘trouble on oiled waters’ will bring. Patience lad, patience.

  3. Just clicked on a arguer image of number two shot. The rear bird looks like it has been in the wars. Certainly someone or something has ruffled its feathers. What IS that red thing?

    • Rod, I think it must be a tasty morsel of something like dead fish. Kites scavenge. They swoop down and take things off the surface. I suspect the bandit at 6 o’clock was trying to bully the other into dropping it. Petty larceny, pure and simple.

  4. You are hereby awarded first prize for the best bird picture of the day on All downhill from here. Since you’ve got three pix, you also get second and third prize. The consolation is for your fans to enjoy these incredibly interesting creatures. Birds forever! Thanks!

  5. These do seem rather good to me…but I am no bird photographer. All enjoyable.
    Again, as a non-bird shooter it would seem that grey/neutral blahish skies allow for a bit better exposure of the undersides without the bright background a sunny day provides?

    I really enjoy images of the birds, any birds, flying in close order. It is so effortless and natural for them and so death defying for humans on the wing.

    • Thanks Steve. I think you are right in theory but in practice grey just looks so drab. Years BIF shots are brilliant if you do them well. The 400mm lens is my favourite for those.

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