BAD 6 – Crested Myna

Crested Myna, Acridotheres cristatellus, is a very common resident in Hong Kong. Indeed I have rarely seen a bird with such appalling manners. It cackles like an old crone, whistles like a builder and chatters like a crowd of Cockney urchins. Gor blimey, mate, gissa Alan Whicker. (Editors translation: I say good sir, please could I have a pound note?) It speaks with its mouth full, quarrels constantly with its neighbours and bullies the smaller birds. The Crested Myna mob – trouble every time.

But it is, despite all that, a rather smart bird. It prefers a dark, shiny suit, putting on airs and graces above its station. A flash of a white pocket handkerchief occasionally, just to show that even the rougher end of town has its dandies. A quiff at the front, in honour of Elvis perhaps. Could those chortles and squeals be Shake, Rattle & Roll in a Myna key?

So here we are. The star of the BAD Show for today………….

Crested Myna 3

Crested Myna 2 Look at the stare here….. Don’t mess with me, leaf. You lookin’ for trouble?Crested Myna 5And that is the Crested Myna in a nutshell. Between two thorns but alas far from being a Rose.


30 thoughts on “BAD 6 – Crested Myna

  1. Such stereotyping. I despair. Oh wait, you will churn out your favourite quote for me won’t you? I can’t remember what it is, but it is something about rising to the bait.

    But I do love your common touch. I am finding these birds rather lovely. Perhaps there is beauty in the ordinary after all.

    By the by, does Prof have any interest in architecture? check out a comment on my T&C page and you will see why I ask.

      • ‘It cackles like an old crone, whistles like a builder and chatters like a crowd of Cockney urchins
        ‘It speaks with its mouth full
        ‘putting on airs and graces above its station. A flash of a white pocket handkerchief occasionally, just to show that even the rougher end of town has its dandies’
        is slightly classist, and sexist regarding old crones.
        But it’s all in the interpretation. Do I need to spell it out more? Rough, common, bad manners. I am sure your post was ironical. But you are aware how sensitive I am and how easily my feathers get fluttered or ruffled or something.

        But I do like your text that accompanies the BAD posts, makes it far more interesting than a boring bird pic.

        T&Cs are a page on my roughseas blog. Under the main header.
        I’llmake it easy.

      • Much obliged. I would never have considered any of that stereotyping! Just a little poetic licence. A man (which is broadly intended to be gender neutral) has to paint a picture. Old chaps don’t cackle unfortunately. They suck their gums and dribble.

        On the serious question I think the Prof might well be interested in Archie’s texture. He seems broadly curious about things Gibraltarian and why not architecture?

      • OH dear Andrew. A man is not gender neutral. Please Ha, bottom of the class.
        One should always consider gender neutrality and equality, and no, he really includes she does not quite do that. OK?
        Do old women really cackle and men don’t? Regardless we all suck and dribble. Falling asleep on the train/’plane with a slack jaw? In our thirties? In mine anyway!
        I wd have thought Prof might have an interest. Sounds a legit query, if I get more info would you broker it, otherwise I will have to go cold. I am all for helping students, and I’d like them to get some serious interest although why the tutor hasn’t managed that is beyond me. But still.

  2. Love your description of the myna! In Singapore, Javan mynas are quite common, though they don’t look quite as domineering as this crested myna of yours. They probably fit the bill for its sidekick ; )

    • Singapore is good for birds. I like Sungei Buloh and Bukit Timah. Always worth a trip. Yes, I think the Javan Mynas would do well as the sidekicks 😊

  3. What’s all the fuss about. It’s your blog. Carry on as if you have good sense. Tha’t an old saying of mine and I’m not sure if it is my “own” or belongs to someone else. At any rate, the Myna is a very smart bird and some species learn to talk much as parrots kept as caged pets learn all manner of sounds and words. That by the way goes against my grain for no wild bird shoud be a caged pet.

    But I digress here. All the poses are interesting and yes, I think that all Myna species chatter,. What better comparison that an old ——–? Chatty as a chipmuck maybe?

  4. sent a comment but who knows where it went. Maybe it’s on first with Who.
    I love these active fellows (Mynas). We enjoy seeing the local Myna’s in Mexico. They tend to be mimics.
    Perhaps ‘old crone’ is redundant – there a pedant for your post. One definition of crone is a woman who is 70 or over. I participated in a croning of a friend a few years ago when she reached that wise age. Luckily she doesn’t fit any of the other definitions of crones I have read.
    The croning is quite a lovely ritual – recognizing the value and wisdom that only comes with age. Be proud you crones out there – be proud.

  5. Lovely pics of this handsome bird Andrew – you deride so cruelly! Hope you’re having a great start to the New Year- I’m envious of your ability to keep getting up early at this time of the year…

  6. Handsome cackler. Is this the one and same that hangs around folks homes chattering about?
    Great banter for this posting….but being a cross the ponder I have no idea what it is all about. 🙂

    • Ah, you know not what you have missed, Steve. Is this the cackling myna? I think not. Probably Hill Myna but I could be wrong. Its only a myna issue, anyway.

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