BAD – nein!

I spent ages yesterday wondering how to incorporate a pun or Wortspiel linking my Brown Shrike to the German football team Eintracht Braunschweig. I failed. I am reacquainting myself with some German as I shall soon be reading Bin Dichter nur der Posse as soon as I have finished Little Dorrit. Alas Little Dorrit is taking rather longer than I anticipated, not least because I am spending so much time on bird-a-day. If Marilyn Monroe was still alive I am sure she would be giving us all a husky, sensual rendition of Happy Bird-a-Day to you……… Not so happy today, though.

In an effort to keep my freshly minted birds to the fore I went out again this morning. Just a couple of hours on the local patch. I had hoped to find Braunschweig again but again the Wurst was missing – I am definitely not over the Wurst. The light was if anything duller than yesterday so I was not optimistic of getting good images even if I found the shrike. This was never put to the test. An oddity was a Grey heron sitting on top of a tree, his crest flapping like a poorly fitting toupee in the breeze. He later dropped down into one of the ponds and was probably snaffling a few of the fish.

My favourite observation spot is currently a waste of time. There is construction work going on and the workmen are on the move (surprisingly) all the time. Few birds come close. One Daurian Redstart fluttered about but I couldn’t bring myself to press the shutter so poor was the light. Down by the far pond I saw a Grey wagtail and then out popped a Blue Whistling-Thrush, Myophonus caeruleus. So today’s BAD offering is this chappy:

A94R2595 A94R2598


And because the cigars would definitely stay in the box for these two, as they used to say on Blue Peter, here’s one I prepared earlier:



It is a very handsome bird. Much under-rated in my opinion.

Tomorrow may well be an archive day. I HAVE TO WORK. OMG. I have no idea how I will cope but the bills have to be paid. There is a lunch thrown in but I’m not likely to see many birds in a board room. On the brighter side Operation De-clutter is going swimmingly. One large painting has gone. Both sets of antique golf clubs have been sold. Yes, sold. For real money. We have a taker for the washing machine and for the coffee table. At this rate the godown will be empty by the end of the month. That will be a cause to celebrate. Not bad, eh?



15 thoughts on “BAD – nein!

  1. I love that blue chappy. Just gorgeous. It would go nicely with Piglet’s Snowy’s fur (apropos of nothing). He looks nice with indigo, purply colours even though Partner did insist on the leads and harnesses being green to match the landy.

    Your not quite as Blue Peter is nice too.

    I admire your capacity to work. At least you don’t have to work all day every day.

    You have reminded me I need to advertise a couple of things in Friday ads. And if I don’t get takers, then it will be off to Freecycle. How did you sell your goodies? Our sales when we first came here netted the grand sum of £50 (not a grand clearly), a tenner each for four chairs and a microwave. But as they were left with the flat it was total profit 🙂 Plus we got a free Indian meal. There’s a post in the past about it, but I’m sure you don’t need to read that.

    • We sold the stuff through Facebook – some sold but a lot given away. There is a local ‘marketplace’ – works well, self-regulated. Saves chucking stuff away. Most things find a home.

      I simply could not work every day now. My health would not allow it. I keep ticking over and thats enough!

  2. Do let me know when any camera ‘stuff’ needs a home! ;-P Loving the Bird A Day, but I think you are putting yourself under undue stress- most folks are happy with a ‘keeper a day’, any subject…

    • Not sure about Camden Market. Maybe Mornington Crescent. It’s a shame I didn’t do a video as the whistle is rather good – plaintive I would say.

  3. Very nice find on the bird. Love its color. and it is so unusual.

    Yes, Andrew. You are putting undue pressure on yourself and need to call a halt to some of it. Did you sign a contract for BAD? It is a self imposed to push for excellence. You’ve already made the excellence grade.

    Can’t you recylce some of your older bird photos. Lots of your new followers have not seen your earlier work. You can do that on blah days rather than sitting for hours waiting on a new bird.

    Yes, I know. I am always dishing out advice. It is the care taker part of my personality. 🙂

  4. Andrew, this is one of the most vivid and beautiful birds yet. Without your photographs, I never would have known a bird could be such a stunning combination of periwinkle, purple, violet and undertones of blue. THANK YOU!

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