The Picture of Daurian Red

I have not been near a bird today to my knowledge. A fairly tempestuous start on the G+ front followed by a day of chores culminating in a grand emptying of the godown. We are now officially godown-less. Hats would have been hurled in the air if we had had a) the energy and b) the hats.

So I dip into the archives and go way back to the halcyon days of December 2013. It seems so long ago and yet, and yet it was but 2 weeks ago. Or a month in the case of these images. Here are the male and the female Daurian Redstart.

Daurian Redstart detail Daurian Redstart maleBoth of these have at some point appeared in the garden. Mrs DR is a regular in the birdbath.

DRF3Perhaps not looking quite at her best but it was chilly. She looks just a tad put out that I was intruding on her ablutions. He on  l’autre main is a minor popinjay. Greying a little on top but silver is so very distinguished. A jaunty cock of the head, complete self-confidence. They are dare I say, the perfect couple. Oscar would have been proud of them.

I am not sure what tomorrow will bring. The temperatures will fall overnight and I can see from the stats that fatigue is setting in with the readership if not quite yet with the photographer. Perhaps I shall throw a sicky tomorrow. Whatever the outcome please be assured that the redstarts will still be here for your enjoyment.




27 thoughts on “The Picture of Daurian Red

  1. And this reader continues to enjoy your posts too! And, am I permitted to say also, that I think your photographs are getting better and better. The Mrs doing her ablutions in the birdbath is a corker! Grittings from a very rainy, grey Spain 😀

    • Ah but if its much below 18C the locals don their thermals and furs, Mike. We get a cold weather warning at about 15C I think. The challenge is really only the absence of heating in homes. And 16 is fine – T shirts and shorts for the Brits!

  2. These are some great looking Upstarts, er I mean Redstarts. I never tire of seeing the birds that you have so deligently photographed for your loyal subjects. I’ll comment no matter what unlesss I get to the point of not being able to type and God forbid that day should ever arrive. Gorgeous photos for sure. Such a lucky man to have such a variety of birds at your disposal. 🙂

    • Thanks Yvonne. The birds tend to come in waves. The garden is going through a barren period now – a few common species around but surprisingly nothing out of the ordinary.

  3. These birds don’t understand a single word of what we’re saying, but that makes no matter, for they put their heads on one side or the other, and look wise…. Hi A. Oscar’s in the other room, singing to the Nightingales a flyin’ in from Desolation Row. He sez to tell you he likes a good clean bird.

    • I must try the same trick, Eb. Tilting my head to one side and looking wise, even when I have no idea what people are talking about. Put then I’d get a reputation for always standing oddly.

  4. Well I left a comment using iPhone but it has gone walk-about. This was another time-less classic Andrew…
    We get American Redstarts here, lovely little birds. They often nest within our property at the cabin in summer. They also keep a regular appointment at the bird-bath, the 3 o’clock slot.
    No fatigue here either. Enjoy the wonderful photographs and the erudite commentary.

    • 3 o’clock is quite late (or possibly early) for a bath. The redstarts do the morning shift and the tits do the afternoon. The bulbuls come and go as they please. Its like Piccadilly Circus some days and I have to top up the water if we get a major splasher!

  5. How do you know it is ‘she’? Is it her beauty or sheer femininity or how she shakes off the water droplets? A bit haughty perhaps? Let me know.
    In the animal world it is often the male that has the colourful looks which I think is totally unfounded. I shudder each time my gravitas pop up.

  6. Mmmm, that bath looks might inviting. roughseas beat me to the aging comment….but then I am so tardy that I am sure it has been on the minds of others long before my own.
    From the number of comments it would seem that viewer fatigue is a fictition. 🙂

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