BAD hair day

Thank you all for the kind and warm comments about yesterday’s In Memoriam. I thought I may have to dip into the archive for a Kingfisher but early this morning this chap turned up on my local patch.

Chestnut Bulbul

Chestnut Bulbul 2This is Chestnut Bulbul, Hemixos Castanonotus. This is a different genus from the bulbuls behaving badly you have seen in the past – Light-vented and Red-whiskered. They are residents but tricky to photograph. They tend to stay in amongst the trees. Very occasionally they venture into the garden. Frankly, if I had a haircut like that I would stay hidden too. The field guide says its call consists of scolding notes and a loud ringing ‘tickety boo’. Well that’s alright then. I rather like the CB. Most times I walk around LNEC I see them or at least hear them. Today this one perched just above my head. Perhaps like me it was celebrating the rising of the sun. I may yet introduce you to the Sooty-headed Bulbul. Please try to contain your excitement.


29 thoughts on “BAD hair day

  1. I think he is rather handsome. Reminds me of a boyfriend I had back in the 70s with a bogbrush hairstyle. Sadly the boyfriend wasn’t as handsome as CB. He may have scolded but I wouldn’t have described him as tickety boo.
    This is turning into an excellent series. But how long will it last?

  2. Now that’s a tough looking little bird. He’s in style with a long “spike crew cut” with a bit of grease rubbed in to give the appearance of a motrocycle riding dude..

    Not a baaad looking bird if one can see past its hair raising head. Nice shots, Andrew.

  3. Well, I really like his spiky feathered head-dress – its absolutely ticket-boo with me! Very nice images – you had me confused at first. You spoke about perhaps having to dip into a past Kingfisher photograph, then this chap showed up. I thought – that’s an unusual looking Kingfisher! Bull, I said “Bulbul!”.
    I like the way he is perched on the branch.
    This is really a very enjoyable series Andrew.

  4. I like a bulbul with attitude and this chaps definitely got it – apart from shouting out ‘tickety boo’ I think that lets the side down a bit, it’s a bit like saying ‘coo-ee’ which is fine but not if you are sporting a don’t mess with me hairstyle.

  5. Over here…no over there. What a gorgeous bird. And very well photographed too. My hair stood up like that once after contact with a shorted circuit.
    WooHoo. I am caught up after falling quite behind. Still lagging on a few other blogs though. You could have spared me and missed a day. 🙂

  6. I was just thinking to myself, “what a cool bird, just like a punk rockstar!” Then I read your comment: “If I had a haircut like that I would stay hidden too.” I almost splattered wine all over my keyboard! 😉

    • Ah but Angelina, its all in the age difference. I was thinking of me in today’s context. Retired and if not one foot in the grave, certainly feeling the earth with my toes. If I were (ahem) some years younger I am sure I would feel very differently about the haircut. Indeed when punk was thriving I would probably have thought it cool too. I honestly don’t remember which again is a sign of ageing. My barber sadly only does one style and happily I am content with that. He has cut my year for 8 years. HK$90. Twenty minutes. Suits us both. I am seeing him on Monday and perhaps I shall ask him if he could do my hair like that now. Its worth a try. Or maybe I wait until after the business trip to Dubai. I am sorry about the wine loss. Shocking waste!

      • I always like to think that age is a state of mind : ) I think that men generally have it easier with haircuts. And HK$90 is super cheap! In Paris, there are barbers in the Arab neighbourhoods where you could get your hair cut for 10€, which is comparable to what you’re paying.

        I usually just keep my hair long so that I don’t have to cut it all the time. Speaking of which, the last time I had my hair cut, it was in January last year, in HK! I’m still unsure if the hairdressers in Brussels would be able to do a good job with my thick Asian hair.

      • I used to go to the barber at The Mandarin but it got crazy expensive. I now have it cut by Mick, the barber at The HK Club. He does a good job. I remember going to a place in Singapore recommended by a good pal of mine. Can’t remember the name of the place. I thought they were asking me to buy the shop not pay for a haircut. I was staying in a serviced apartment near Somerset and working in Battery Road. There must have been cheaper places but I was the new kid in town.

      • I imagine it must have been one of those hair salons opened by celebrity hairstylists – e.g. Kim Robinson. Ah, you lived in Singapore!

        All this talk about HK – even though I’ve no emotional associations with the barbers there – is making me miss the city a bit. And the street food too!

      • Today we had satay beef in noodle soup with ham omelette, toast and proper HK milk tea – twice – for HK$76. Now that’s value for money. Good traditional cafe food. Most places you pay $76 for the tea! I heard the Landmark Mandarin charges HK$90 for a coca cola. Madness.

      • One thing I like about HK is that you can eat quite well at different prices. Satay beef in noodle soup with ham omelette sounds like quite a feast! I remember when we ate at Tim Ho Wan, I couldn’t believe it when our bill came – what we paid for 4-5 items there would have only bought us 1.5 serving of some mediocre dim sum in a normal Chinese restaurant in Paris. Alas, dim sum making is not something I plan to undertake myself any time soon!

  7. I really LIKE this little guy. He reminds me of an 8-year-old who just had to get a Mohawk haircut so I’d look really cool, but deep inside he’s a cutie.
    Just my opinion…

  8. I absolutely adore Bulbuls – they are my favourite birds in Africa (apart from the birds of prey) and I can spend hours watching these funny chaps! Envy the guy for his haircut – no need for a hairdresser every three months 😉 =D
    Great photos !!!

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