BAD Bulbul hits the streets

Well Bird a Day it is but today I shot some street. Shock horror. The M9 went for a walk. First, so as to comply with my BAD requirement, another bulbul. Sooty-headed Bulbul is reasonably common in some localities, Long Valley being one of them. They are not so easy to photograph though. They don’t seem to have the exhibitionist tendencies of their cousins. They sit higher up. They also seen to have a built in GPS to make sure their location is perfect for frustrating the photographer. Invariably against the light. This week I found a small group in a farmer’s shelter at Long Valley. I seized the opportunity to take a quick snap, rubber gloves included. This sort of shot is kept only until I get something better. It may survive longer than I hope.Sooty-headed BulbulI went out this morning to support a new photographic studio in Sai Kung. Lightjar Photography opened today and I wish it well. Mrs. Ha and I dropped by and they have a nice bright airy studio above the premises of my former employer. Good choice, Karin. I then went for a stroll and here are a few of the shots from our walk.

Staring at a gweilo is undoubtedly better than getting your face wiped by mum.Face wipe Laughter is infectious, whatever the age group.Laughter2 This elderly lady looked very sad but maybe she was just tired.Shopping If I can do headless birds surely I can do headless people. The future’s bright…..?Orange For some the shock of the sunshine was just too much.SunshieldAnd that concludes our whirl around the town for today. A huge vote of thanks to Sooty for stopping it being a clean Sweep by the street.

16 thoughts on “BAD Bulbul hits the streets

  1. ah, face wiping is never appreciated, whatever the age methinks Andrew, (I still cringe away and I’m never caught feeling grumpy 😉 ) Loving the marigolds. and the photo’s of course. sooty head looks slightly startled, did you ask him to wash up? xxx

    • Marigolds! Of course. I’d forgotten. I think poor Sooty would struggle to wash up. Maybe he was just caught in the act. Raiding the larder without permission.

  2. I also enjoyed the marigolds. We still import them when visiting England, and get relatives to bring them when they visit. No dishwasher at the cabin – well there are usually two – Me and Her as they say!

    • Nothing wrong with that, Rod. I used to find washing up quite therapeutic. Indeed I quite enjoyed ironing a shirt. A feeling of achievement at the end. Not something that I would want to do every day but once in a while…..

      • We actually find the time together is a good time. Working away and talking becomes an enjoyable routine. I must confess, I like to iron my own shirts – it is satisfying and I really like the feel and look of freshly ironed clothes, even casual ones.

  3. Great looking street photos. Love these. What characters some of them are. The older lady seemed disgruntled as well as sad. The guys with jackets over their heads are the funniest. What is that about? Were they hiding from the sun or from the guy with the camera? The toddler in the stroller might have engaged you in a stare down. 🙂 She’s a cute little one though.

    • The guys with jackets over their heads were not reacting to me (surprisingly) Yvonne. They were like that when I spotted them on the other side of the square. I walked round. Nobody moved. I squatted down to get a better angle. Nobody moved. I don’t know for sure what they were hiding from but I can only imagine they didn’t like the bright sunlight.

    • If not the camera lens then what? I did not have the camera to my eye. I held it at knee height and guessed the framing as I didn’t want to attract the mother’s attention.

      • It’s that concentrating on something internal that I was thinking about – nappy related…
        Or do Chinese babies still wear those adorable split pants? Sorry, this has gone completely off the subject of photography 🙂

  4. Strange type of birds Andrew. The one with the hood over its face must have been rejected by a female. He has clearly lost it to a new boy on the block and is sulking. The animal world can be so cruel.

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