Pretty BAD

I landed back in HK today after a tiring but exhilarating trip to Dubai. Not much sleep and on day one I kicked off at 7am with a breakfast meeting and finished dinner with clients at 11pm.  All that means of course that I was not out firing the bazooka at the birds. I went back instead to this time three years ago and revive a pretty garden visitor, the Hwamei. If you hear an English Common Blackbird singing in Hong Kong, its probably the Hwamei. Our Chinese Blackbird sounds very different. I hope you like these 3 images.


Hwamei1 Hwamei2

20 thoughts on “Pretty BAD

  1. The Hwamei certainly is an interesting looking bird! It’s dramatic eye plumage reminds me of my first disastrous attempt to apply liquid eye liner. I would have a quiet chuckle every time I saw this bird. Thank you for taking the time to post BAD.

  2. Good heavens! what a colour, this is surely a bronze? Does it really sound the same as a blackbird? Once upon a time, when life was not so good for me, there used to be a blackbird sat singing in a tree at the end of our street in London. Hearing that little birds song each day when I returned from work used to make my day.

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