Each year Mrs. Ha and I try to squeeze in a visit to Victoria park for the Lunar New Year fair. Tomorrow the Year of the Horse starts so today was our last chance. Other than bumping into Bob T. it was a little disappointing this year. There seemed to be more emphasis on politics and junk than flowers.

UnivSuffrMe? I preferred the flower power approach.


TulipsFlowers to the People!

I did take one shot that looked ok in B&W but it had nothing to do with the fair.

DealingBut of course you need a bird. I picked Hair-crested Drongo today as we have had one in the garden as I have been writing this. It sat deep in the tree and would not perch out in the open. They rarely do. So here is one that cooperated back in December 2011. The glossy sheen is anything but black when the sun catches it. Maybe today’s visitor will return but I fear not. And we have to go out to dinner en famille this evening so I have to go and scrub up. I shall not be applying the Hwamei’s liquid eye liner.

Hair-crested drongo




20 thoughts on “Pilgrimage

  1. Spooky but true story…I had just finished writing a comment on someones blog about me planning to go on a pilgrimage (don’t laugh) I then returned back to my in-box and Bob’s yer uncle, there is your post today with the same title….s’truth.
    Nice photos, Andrew. I bet HK is a lot of fun at Chinese New Year – I seem to remember that you eat those special buns at this time of year, I can’t remember their name but I’m sure you wrote about them last year. I must stop thinking about food….

    • We eat radish cake, Lottie. I suspect I may have blogged about that. Smells disgusting and tastes just a smidgin better. Or do I mean worse? Then there is a sticky brown ‘cake’ that is very sweet and I can tolerate at a push. I’m much more into lunar new year chocolate mousse or tiramisu. Where will you be going to on your pilgrimage? Are there many shrines dedicated to cake?

      • I’m a huge fan of radishes but I’m not sure I could deal with radish cake. My cake pilgrimage is to Santiago de Compostella. It was Theo’s (my son) idea. Not sure what route we will be taking yet or even if I’m going to be fit enough but if all goes according to plan we want to walk the camino this autumn. Don Pedro and Colin Snout will also be coming on the cake hunt.

  2. With all the festivities and goings on, I thought the rubber ducks in photo one might be the BAD. 😉 Is it appropriate to say Happy New Year? I’m great at highlighting my ignorance of other cultures. Well, Happy Chinese New Year anyway! May the Year of the Horse be wonderful.

    • Happy new year is fine Caroline, thank you. There plenty of yellow ducks around but I didn’t understand the connection to the year of the horse.

  3. Hair-crested Drongo – what a great name. I know some people who are getting a new nickname… I like the look of disdain on the vendor with the ciggy.

  4. Happy New Year from frosty Brussels! I miss the festivities back home and the get-together with family and friends. With my friends, CNY was the occasion to play cards and mahjong until the next day!

    It’s amazing how much details one can see with such close-up photos of the feathered creatures. That’s a beautiful coat of blue-black – coincidentally, I’m wearing a sweater that have exactly the same colours!

    • No mahjong here, Angelina. There was a marathon all day session a day or so ago when I was in Dubai. Mrs. Ha had a mahjong party whilst I was away. Quiet day with the family instead and glorious weather. The abalone is ready to cook!

  5. Drongo? sounded like someone out of an old Western, and here ‘he’ was, black (iridescent purple?) and sleek looking, (a perfect colour for a western baddie) Loved the Colourful festival flowers, and even the protest was colour-ful, so all in all a good pilgrimage from my angle. xPenx

  6. Were the tulips from Amsterdam? Here the summer is full on, heat waves and tornado looming up north. Happy New Year and may the birds grace your blog profusely and sit still for your ever vigilant eye and camera.
    I can’t say I miss radish cake but willing to give it a go. It is 6.30 am and will go down make the first coffee. Up to Sydney today help daughter move her furniture in better positions. Have trolley in the boot!

  7. It is not just hong kong where festivals are getting distracted. On All Saints day last yearpeople were selling glow sticks and flashing led ligjts for kids at the cementary here. Was a little strange.

    • I’m not sure Phil but it may have something to do with the large yellow floating duck we had in the harbour a while back. It masqueraded as a piece of art. Bizarre.

  8. Gaiety abounds in these photos of the Year of the Horse. Radish cake? Oh my goodness. I surely hope you are not forced to take a bite. I like the shiny black bird a lot. It has a beautiful long tail. And the guy with the cigarette dangling from one corner of his mouth gives me the impression of trying to be tough but I think that is most likely how he prefers to smoke. 🙂

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