A BAD end to January but a good way to start the Year of the Horse

A very lazy day today. We were out last night and enjoyed a superb meal. That is my excuse for sleeping in this morning. I was still first down to look after Lulu and she clearly didn’t have such a fun evening as she was suffering from a runny tummy this morning. She seems better now and has had a lot of fuss today.

I confined myself to taking pics in the garden and so there is nothing more exciting that a bulbul in the bath today. Avert your eyes if bath scenes offend you!

Bath TimeSplish splash I was taking a bath indeed. And just for fun, here is a very similar shot in monochrome.

RWB BWI’m not convinced Red-whiskered Bulbuls look good in B&W but the water droplets look ok, if nothing else. What impresses me is the look of concentration. Bulbul RW must be taking it very seriously, careful not to miss any delicate areas. Those axillaries can be so tricky. I was thinking of putting some conditioner in the water but decided against it. Crabtree & Evelyn’s Bulbul bath gel? It has to catch on.



20 thoughts on “A BAD end to January but a good way to start the Year of the Horse

  1. I think a Red anything should be red, but especially a Red-whiskered Bulbul with that bright rump. Plus we wouldn’t want any writers to declare this a dull bird.

  2. “Splish splash, I was taking a bath, long about a saturday night, a rub-a-dub, just relaxing in the tub
    thinking everything was alright.” Bobby Darin

    Love the color version of this photo of Mr. Bulbul in the bird bath. Excellent photo.

    For anyone who might be questioning your usage of the word axillaries that word is used in every field guide that I have seen or have in my possesion. It refers to a section of the underwing. 🙂

    I hope Lulu is recovered from her bout of diarrhea or to put it more delicately, irritable bowel. 🙂

    • Thanks Yvonne. Yes, axillaries is the term I have in all my bird reference books. I have used it for decades with impunity! Lulu is much better today thank you. We had a house full for the Chinese new year and everyone made a fuss of her so she was very happy.

      I enjoy the old songs – not much today will stand the test of time, I fear.

    • Oh dear. Not my day. First Lottie on C&E and now you on axillaries. As I’m not a birder per se, I didn’t know the word axillaries. So I figured it meant axillas/e on birds but looked it up to verify. That was all. No more no less. I’ll stop commenting on bird posts.

      • Oh good grief. Be reasonable here. I can not imagine Andrew’s posts without ypour comments. They are always so interesting and intelligent. What is one little goof or- whatever you prefer to call it.

        I’ve made so many “Faux Paws” in my comments all the way from A-Z that I should be the one not commenting. Typos and misspelled words- you name it and I’ve done it.

        So really I was in the wrong for pointing out your word usage. It did not put me in the best light. 🙂

        Please do not stop commenting. If you stop then I will be at fault. I enjoy reading ypour comments just as much as I like reading all comments.

  3. Very distressing when a member of the family is sick. Growing up, our pets were treated as real family members. Honestly, I preferred pets to my siblings most days. Hope Lulu has recovered.
    Your RW Bulbul, in my novice opinion, reminds me of the Australian Eastern Whipbird. The Whipbird lacks the snazzy orange backside and white chin, but body shape and beak are similar.

    • Caroline, Lulu is definitely one of the family. She is much improved thank you. I have seen / heard Whipbird – and I can only say I wish the RWB made the same noise.

  4. Runny tummies versus Yule Logs? – I think Yule Logs win (was about to say hands down but then i realised that unless one has a ‘poop fairy’ who flutters in to clean up the odd accident then hands down is the only way to clear it up. Poor Lulu, hope she’s over the squirts now.

    Bathing Beauties and Bulbuls – I have to disagree with Rough, C&E is alive and kicking, they are opening up stores everywhere – I think Classic not grandma! I prefer the colour photo because the Bulbul has such a striking orange backside, or are they knickers? it gets lost on the monochrome. A very Happy Year of The Horse to you and yours! 😀

    • I think Rough Seas misread the post, Lottie. She probably thought I wrote C of E not C & E. The latter is immensely popular (and expensive) in Hong Kong, whilst the former is a pale imitation of its past self. We are lucky in that we do have a ‘poop fairy’ but she gets 4 days off for the lunar new year. I can confirm that Lulu has not squirted since about 10am so I am assuming all is once again well.

  5. Much nicer in colour for me, not that I know anything about it all anyway. Dr Organics would be preferable to C&E which is somewhat passé I think, almost grandma ish these days. Or maybe Lush? Axillaries? Ah the birds’ axillas, or axillae should you choose.

    Hope Lulu continues ok, maybe she was stressed because you were out?

    • Definitely separation anxiety. I always suffer from it whenever Lulu goes off without me. I have never heard of Lush or Dr. Organics. Perhaps they have yet to reach Honkers.

      • Oddly enough Little Snowy decided he couldn’t spend all night without a pee for a few days last weekend. And then, back to waiting all night. Most odd, def not sep anx as he sleeps with us.

        Lush, is of course, not what you may think on first hearing the word. It is probably short for luscious I suspect. Anyway, it’s very pro-animals rights which is why I’ve heard of it. Never bought anything but I remember seeing a shop in Newcastle. And they appear to be in Honkers. Suspect it is not Mrs Ha’s thing (as it isn’t mine).


        Dr Organics is only stocked by Holland and Barrett apparently (we had one open in Gib recently). I bought three olive oil shower gels for two just before Christmas. Nice. There is an H&B franchise in Shanghai apparently. Planning to open 300 stores in China. Am sure that will include HK at some point.

        I see C&E is an American originated company, trading on a typ Brit name, although now owned by a Hong Kong company so I can see why they may have a presence in your part of the world. I have to say despite Lot’s comment it still strikes me as sort of fusty. Each to their own etc.

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