Look back – not BAD

To those of us of a certain age, the cry of Albatross evokes the immediate thought response of “Two choc ices please”.  I have not yet had the occasion to shout Albatross in Hong Kong – at least when birding. Readers of stamina, who date back to the PAE (pre-Antarctic era) will recall that this time last year Mrs. Ha and I were fresh back from our trip to the desolate wastes of Tin Shui Wai the Southern oceans. And so today I went back into the archive and selected a shot taken between South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula. I must point out that the Antarctic Peninsula is nothing like the one in Tsim Sha Tsui. The accommodation down South is less plush, the weather is cooler and the service is slower. There is no Felix either. And no gentlemen’s lavatory with the best view in the world (allegedly). Indeed I don’t think there is a gentlemen’s washroom at all. Or a Ladies for that matter.

But what the deep South has that HK lacks is Grey-headed Albatross. The one without the choc ices. I have a reasonably close image of this wonderful bird. Today’s BAD though is set small in frame to show the roll of the seas if not my stomach.

Grey-headed-alb2Isn’t it grand? I can’t somehow resist the close up though so you get a bonus BAD today.

Grey-headed-albWho knows where we will go tomorrow.



22 thoughts on “Look back – not BAD

  1. I love the smokey look of the undersides of the wings as the dark and light feathers shade together.

  2. Oh, the wonderful albatross! I don’t believe I’ve seen one yet. I think of Coleridge,
    “Water, water everywhere,
    Nor any drop to drink.”
    Looking at those rolling waves, it would be best for me to have an empty stomach.
    What an amazing experience for you and your wife! Sounds like it’s time for another adventure.

  3. I’ve got to admit, just taking my eyes off the albatross and looking at the sea made my stomach lurch. Is it really a year since your Antarctic trip? Heavens, how time and the mighty albatross fly.

  4. Lovely plumage Andrew. I remember enjoying your Antarctic features last year. These are two very handsome images. we saw Albatross in Hawaii. It was quite something to see the young-ones dumped on the lawns of people’s houses. Many signs, ‘watch for Albatross crossing’ – and ‘please do not interfere with the young Albatross’. And I would love a choc-ice please. Do you remember when the organ used to come up out of the pit during the intermission between films and the organist play awful music while the choc-ice ladies walked down to the front of the aisles to sell cones and choc-ice. My mum used to smuggle in cheese and pickle sandwiches, you weren’t supposed to bring in your own food or drinks. But they didn’t have cheese and pickle sandwiches and you can’t enjoy a double feature without them.

    • I don’t remember the organ pit, Rod. Before my time. I certainly grew up liking cheese and pickle though.

      I envy people with an albatross on the lawn. Sounds wonderful. We have to make do with Mrs. Red Bum as Shirley calls her – the female Daurian Redstart. BTW I have never knowingly interfered with an albatross of any age. Heaven forfend!

  5. The first photo is excellent and the second one is not a slob either. Dang the water looks rough and so cold. I’ve often used this expression when I’ve had a problem that just can not be fixed that includes worry that just will not go away. “It’s an albatross around my neck.” I have no idea of the origin but I learned the old adage many years ago.

  6. Brings back fond memories of the Antarctica trip last year. Truly the trip of a lifetime. Thank you for the photos.

  7. My first thoughts were of Coleridge’s: The Rime of The Ancient Mariner and then Fleetwood Mac! I’m thrilled, though, to learn that this wonderful omen of good fortune and guide, the Albatross, is not extinct! I don’t know why I thought that. A lovely view of the open wings and body of the bird.

    • Not extinct Dawn but some species of Albatross are under threat from fishing as they accidentally get caught by the long lines put out. They are majestic and noble birds.

  8. I love that Mont Py skit… great photos. I have seen the wandering version off the coast of Peru, when I was doing Ballestas Is trips, awesome to see them gliding effortlessly over the waves and disappearing in the swells only to crest another wave. I had one photo, but it’s lost.


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