BAD penguin

Have you ever been threatened by a penguin? Well its not pretty I can tell you. We were on our last landing on Antarctica and a would-be John Wayne appears.

I’ve come for my boy.

Of course I guess when the ships get iced in life must get pretty boring. Lots of movies etc. until the ice melts or the rescue ice-breakers force their way through. So what do the penguins do when the tourists overstay their welcome?  Well, I suspect this penguin had been peeking in through the cabin window and watching a few too many westerns. He was clearly ready for trouble. Quick Draw McGentoo I think he was called.

Penguin showdownThere was only one problem for old Quick Draw. He’d forgotten to holster up. No six-shooter, QD. So Mrs. Ha went for her Canon and he went for his Colt. There’s no penguin alive as fast as Mrs. Ha with a credit card Canon. Let’s call it a draw. A rather embarrassed Quick Draw put down his arms and just mosied on by. And when he got home and told Mrs. G. what had happened….. Well, laughed? She nearly bought a round. Poor old Quick Draw. I almost felt sorry for him. But I’m glad he didn’t have his gun on. You just never know. He might have been faster than Annie Oakley. Maybe.





31 thoughts on “BAD penguin

  1. Could just imagine the scenario, Andrew, even heard The Dukes drawling tones, and saw his signature walk… (very much like t’ Penguin eh? 😉 ) To re-quote Victor above, cool story. xPenx
    (Just Googled some of JW’s quotes, ” I don’t act . . . I react.” Hmm. ’nuff said!!)

  2. I feel sorry for Mr. McG, getting such put down from Mrs. McG. How long did you spend o the ice Andrew, your imagination seems to have been very active. Maybe an entry for the 10 words contest “Penguin trouble, send sardines. Quickly”

  3. And they* say sometimes it hard to be a woman!

    * = cf. first line of that Country & Western classic “Stand by your man”

    Mrs Penguin has clearly not been listening – “Stand in front of your man, laughing like a drain” is clearly more her style, but Mrs Ha was unquestionably the sharpest shooter in that show down – a fine shot.

    • Woman can be cruel sometimes, Mike. Mrs. Ha, for example, referred to my 1-pack at dinner on Friday. I pointed out that I did indeed have a 6-pack it is just hidden by the other one.

    • Fascinating – it is an Adelie Penguin. We can not know what is going on in his mind. Some birds do what they call reverse migration. Perhaps he was not depressed just a software glitch. His wiring was wrong and he was following the wrong GPS coordinates. I have no idea how my mind works either. I did not set out to write the Quick Draw story. It just flowed as I looked at the image. Stream of penguin-consciousness, I guess.

      • Interesting to hear about reverse migration – guess there must have been something up with the inner compass! Sometimes it might not be a bad idea to just go with the flow, like you did : )

  4. Oh, penguins are my favorites, and you have two terrific photographs, Andrew.

    Now, in case you didn’t get our message, Jenny and I both want you to enter your 7-words (but I want you to add your title “DEMENTIA” for another word to set the reference) IMMEDIATELY.
    Or sooner.
    It’s superb, Andrew, it really is. You want to get it sent and time stamped for security since you’ve shared it and someone else might take a fancy to it.

  5. Catching up with your blog on a morning with yet another non-existing sunrise but what an excellent alternative!
    Finally back to more penguin photos – great! And Mr. Pistol Pete is adorable. I really loved the gentoos while we were there.

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