A brief diversion

It being Valentine’s day I took Mrs. Ha for a slap up burger lunch in TST today. I am sooo romantic. She tried on some clothes whilst I tried on the new Sony A7. Neither of us bought. I thought the A7’s high iso performance was dismal. I shot it at 3200 and was underwhelmed.

I shot a few frames with the Leica M9 and some of you might catch a couple of these on FB or Flickr. However for those of you who have not seen them, here are my 3 Valentine’s Day massacres. What might (very) loosely be called street photography, in which I dabble occasionally.



L1003594-EditThe first two of these were shot from the hip and the final one a walk past, ‘over the head of the folks in front’ shot. Click and walk rather than hit and run.



30 thoughts on “A brief diversion

  1. Oh, forgot to mention the photos. Love the vivid red, are you practising with a half vignette?
    The couple look great, we do that silly half step together sometimes. Looks very Pythonesque.
    The last one looks very flat, not so much the photo, but the woman. Strange. Maybe she didn’t like click and walk.

  2. I’ve wondered how you go around photographing people. How they feel about being photographed, if they are even aware if the camera. I’m feeling sensitive about this issue.
    Whilst at the beach, I caught a woman photographing my children with her iPad. I ran up to her and told her to stop and delete the pics. (I doubt she did.) I’m sure she meant no harm, but I do not want photos of my children in their bathers on the wrong sites.
    Not that you are posting photos of children in bathers or anything inappropriate. I like your street photos, their perspective and my children aren’t in them! 🙂

    • You raise a good point Caroline. In some countries like Cambodia the kids are running around screaming to be photographed. But in most places it is sensitive and best avoided or you ask the parents. Most photographers I know are very aware of the risk of misunderstandings, what is appropriate and what is inappropriate. Similarly most of us avoid photographing the disadvantaged in society although images can raise social awareness. I am looking for interesting scenes, people, amusing juxtapositions, disappearing cultural scenes, etc. if anybody asked me to delete a shot I would do so immediately. In places like Cambodia we often go back the following day and give the people prints of themselves. They love it. It just needs common sense.

  3. I’d be delighted with a slap up burger meal for Valentines – I don’t think we’ve ever celebrated it but it’s never too late to start!
    I love your people pix – more please…

  4. We had barbequed lamb chump chops (LCC) which were a disaster. Tough as old boots. Bloody Aldi’s. I am with Jenny; more people pics. Strange how photographing people, especially kids have now become so fraught with suspicions. Weird world. Yet, according to stats, a much safer world. So, why the fear? The MSM are the culprits. ( I reckon)

  5. I really like the first shot. Have you seen that photo going round Facebook of the guy in his turban standing outside Urban Outfitters? Your romantic burger sounds a lot better than the iffy pork chops that we had. They were most certainly well past the sell by date and we only managed a mouthful each before giving up. Strawberries were good though! Keep going with the street photography, it’s excellent.

    • I have not seen the FB shot but it sounds good. We had some ribs the other day that were awful – from the wet market. Last night we had pork chops – pretty good but not as good as the Iberico ones. But about 25% of the cost. We had strawbergs last week – huge bastards they were. Sharp and tough. Awful

  6. I like all the shots but number one is my favourite – love the jacket and pink shirt.
    Well I outdid myself for Valentines’s day, we went to Hacienda Alamena a german restaurant where they spoiled us for lunch – smoked fish, baked camembert, two kinds of sausages with red cabbage and sauerkraut, bread with butter or ‘dripping’ spread, draft beer and espresso coffees. All for under $50 including a reasonably generous tip.

    • Do they do takeaways to HK, Rod. I don’t normally like cabbage but somehow I grew to like red cabbage when I lived in Germany. A very good price they charged you. You’d struggle to get good value like that here.

  7. Oh I love photos of just random people in the street. I’m trying to perfect the art of snapping in the street without anyone knowing, but I get too self conscious.
    the woman in the last pic looks faintly indignant. Kind of how I would look when Chinese girls shoved their little pink cameras in my face as I walked by.

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