Back to the BAD stuff

I have no idea why I chose Whimbrel today. Nevertheless, furthermore and notwithstanding, I did. I rather like Whimbrels but they are not the most photogenic of birds. Perhaps that is why I feel an affinity with them. I suspect the whimbies (plural of WIMBY perhaps? Whimbrel In My Back Yard) would prefer to be on my side of the camera but they’d never manage all the camera controls. At a stretch the curved bill could be used in the way I type, known in the trade, I believe, as the swooping eagle technique. But what to do with dials and all those custom functions. Much better to be the subject. And here we are:

In reflective moodWhimbrelNice light on the undersideWhimbrellanding And finally, a Whimbrel wonders what it must be like to be big. When I grow up…. I want to be a lumberjack CurlewWhen I grow upI could throw in a street shot but I’ll leave that for another day. No Whimbrels were harmed in the writing of this blog.


20 thoughts on “Back to the BAD stuff

  1. Whimbrels, trying to get a feel for the name Andrew, Whim… brellas…. Whim…..sies… but I think your own, Whimbies seems to fit better. 🙂 (My typing technique is hit n’ miss, a bit like pick an’ mix without the sweets!!) He mayn’t be the prettiest birdie but he has attitude, and I love the reflective pose. Very pleased too that none were hurt, other than ruffled feathers of course, at the mention that they’re not photogenic. Pfft!”! they say, we’d stand on one leg to prove it!! xPenx

  2. Ooh, I don’t know, I think the whimby brigade are rather handsome but then I am curlew lover and frankly, there doesn’t appear (to this untrained eye) to be an awful lot of difference. I’m guessing the whimbies are a bit smaller? Do they have the same sort of haunting call?

  3. Great catch with the second photo. We ahave whimbrels in North America and they migrate through Texas and winter on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, California, Florida and on up to parts of the eastern seaboard if winters are not severe on the Atlantic side.

  4. I think they’re very pretty, Andrew, and the first picture with the reflection is mesmerizing. There are superstitions about losing self in reflections–and losing part of your soul when your picture is taken, too–but this photograph is more an extension of self. Very effective.

    • I have heard of the lost soul story, Marylin. My wife is Chinese and she has never heard of it. Bearing in mind how many ‘selfies’ are taken each day in Asia at least, I think it must be a myth.

    • Yes Hilary. I think we tend to think of birds flying effortlessly but sometimes they are working really hard. Here the bird will use the wind to reduce its speed as it lands.

  5. The Whimbrel viewed from underneath is quite a fine shot, Andrew. As are all, but that is outstanding. I always had the hardest time remembering that it is a wimberly…and not a whimbrel… atop a tripod. ’tis a good thing that all Whimbrels possess the same beak…it could certainly be a bit off putting when mating time comes along. OTOH, maybe the more ungainly bill makes for a better food procurer and therefore a superior mate? I wonder if they have subtle differences noticed only by the most discerning of potential suitors/suitees?
    Nothing against your right leg? Let me show you my old war wound. 🙂

    • I am sure bill quality is important, Steve. Better bill probably = better food as you say. There is probably a Mr. Whimbrel Contest each year.

      I hope the war wound gets better soon. Its been a long time since the war ended 🙂

  6. Three excellent photos of an interesting bird! The second is outstanding, great quality and I spent some time admiring the detail of this chap.

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