Three B&W images from two years ago.

The Drag. The Duel and Tommy.



The duel?

The duel?



I have no idea why each of these appeals to me but they do.

36 thoughts on “DDT

  1. The writer in me believes that you have an extraordinary gift of “pictures as writing prompts” for inspiring and nudging loose story ideas. This post is a perfect example!

    • Thank you Marylin. Maybe in another life I can be the photojournalist I once dreamed to be until the careers teachers at school told me it was much better to become an accountant (I didn’t but that was their recommendation).

      • We must have had the same careers officer Andrew. I wanted to be a journalist but they told me I’d be better off joining the army.
        I love these black and whites – and agree that they would make brilliant writing prompts.

  2. What was I thinking? I thought this blog was about DDT the insecticide! :-/
    A pleasant relief to view these photos. They are spectacular, especially The Dual.

  3. All three tell a story Andrew, I suppose that’s what appeals as you stare, your mind searches ever aspect and fills in … at least that’s what mine does, always on the move wondering, for example, the fans (air conditioning?) in the 3rd photo? How the heck anyone could work so close, noise factor wise. It’d drive me crazy. The duel? is just fantastic the raised arm? caught just right… made me laugh while applauding your ‘eye’ … and Dragster, can imagine him taking a last ‘drag’ and casting it down, to tread on it, reflex action wise, with his mind far away, then reaching into his bag and…..what? that’s the power of photography….and words… you want to know what next? πŸ™‚ xPenx

  4. Thought provoking photos because one could write so many didfferent scenarios for each one. What are they doing there and who are the meeeting and what is the man waiting for? I like the first one. I simply can not imagine how people live in such crowded conditions with all sorts of things piled in the alleys and propped against walls and things hanging out of windows.It boggles my mind. How anyone can live in so much congestion. It reminds me of having my lungs congested and of having to cough.It seems the people have no room to turn around or to breathe.

    I find these photos an interesting study of Chinese culture in a huge city. Excellent work, Andrew.

    • Yvonne, some people live in subdivided units of 100 square feet. Parts of HK are a shame on the government. They say they are building to alleviate the problem for the poor but what is built is usually out of the financial reach of most anyway. Some public housing is being constructed but the waiting lists are long. We are a tiny part of China, 7 million people crammed in to the territory and becoming increasingly overwhelmed by tourists from the mainland. It has little future unless something changes dramatically.

      • Thanks Andrew. The living conditions are extremely sad. Frankly I do not see how the government can help the situation since it is complicated and where oh where would they begin to deal with so many people. The government needs to halt any further migration to the city. Seven million people living in one tiny spot is unreal.

        Thanks again for adding more info. Much appreciated.

  5. All three are interest grabbers, Andrew. Well, we all know one reason you like them….we love our images although sometimes it is a love/hate thing. πŸ™‚
    The Drag has so much to see and wonder about. There is a little of everything in that alley. One wonders what is on the person’s mind in Tommy……maybe listening to the rock opera in his mmmind……oops, sorry, that’s my gggeneration.
    The Duel is one of my favorites of yours, Andrew. Firstly, the lights and shadows are so pleasing. The woman’s hair is a great feature, the blocks of light are so unique and do a wonderful job of pulling us through the image with her to the spotlit man and we have to wonder if there is any connection between them. Even without any of that it is just an enjoyable picture.

    • And the Italians know a thing or two, don’t they M.R. I must post some images from there. Although the next travel binge is Barcelona in a few weeks. I shall have to start learning Catalan.

      • We went to Barcelona!!! We loved it. One of the reasons for loving it was that it was there we first laid our own eyes and ears on the world’s greatest tenor, PlΓ‘cido Domingo … Oh, what an experience …
        Learning Catalan? – no worries. Easy peasy. NOT.

  6. That second pic is awesome. Love the light and shadow and love how you caught her hair at the perfect moment and how the light has rendered the guy at the far end virtually faceless

    • Kaushal, I have processed the 2nd image several times and ways. This is the one I always come back to. Its what I call a good story shot.

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