Just walkin’ in the rain

Mrs. Ha has gone off for her first Korean lesson today. I hope there will be a second. I went into town to see if I could get a massage for my neck and shoulders. I have been in pain for several days. Little sleep and a lot of pain is a bad combination. I found one Thai massage shop in the Old Town and spent HK$140 (just over £10) for 30 minutes of head, neck and shoulder therapy. I felt much better for a few hours although the pain is creeping back in again now. 

Of course I took along my camera. As it was drizzling I took the Canon 5D3 as it is supposedly weather-sealed. With the 24-70mm F2.8 II it weighed far too much and made up my mind that it will be a lightweight trip when we  head off to Barcelona later this month. I am thinking the M9 with 3 M lenses and the X100s. It may of course be the weight of all my camera gear that is messing up my shoulder. In the dull light I wanted to find some colour. I ended up with a mish mash of nothing in particular. And here it is. Starting with some rogue hangers. Where are they from? Who put them there? I think we should be told.

Hangers This blaze of colour is plastic packed up ready for recycling. At least I hope it is going where it is supposed to.lapsap Would Van Gogh have painted this? I doubt it.Sunflower No idea what this place is – I need to wait for my in-house translator to come home to find out. She’ll probably translate it into Korean.Doorway You have seen Uncle Mak before. Still busy in his workshop. Well into his 90s.Uncle Mak And finally, a lady lost in thought.Thoughtful


25 thoughts on “Just walkin’ in the rain

  1. I’m sorry Andrew that you are having pain. As you mentioned the shoulder pain in most likely from toting around camera equipment that pulls on muscles thus causing strains. Maybe a chiropractor or accupuncture would help more. What happened to medication for pain? is that not an option? I hope you are better very soon.

    On to the photos. I iike the flower that looks as if it is made of metal. I also like the tin man and the last B&W pic of a woman or man. I could not decide what was what there. But the B&W of people always seeem to be the most interesting. I sudy the facial expressions which are often so revealing about anyone. It seems that most of the elderly Chinese are not happy folks but then again that is something that I’m assuming.

    • Yvonne, I have tried chiropractors and acupuncture in the past for lower back pain. It gives temporary relief only in my experience. Pain killers work but don’t offer a cure either. I am hoping the massage will both relieve pain and pull or push something back into place. Otherwise it will be back to the chiropractor.

      I don’t think the elderly Chinese are all unhappy but many lead a hard life still and sometimes the family does not support them the way traditionally it should. I guess they have their ups and downs like the rest of us.

      • There is another approach to pain, the one me ‘n my true love take here in the hinterlands. We accept the pain as a daily reminder of a long and rewarding life and a constant reminder of the fragile bag of bones attached to our eternal spirits and hardy intellects. I hurt, she hurts, we commiserate with one another, and sometimes we laugh about it. I don’t like pain — no masochists in this cottage — but there’s no going back, and the fewer drugs I ingest in pursuit of numbness. the better I can stay attuned to my corporeal existence.

        This is not to demean or deride your pain, Andrew, but I’m pretty sure we all feel it as we slip into the evening of life. Coming to terms with our pain, I suppose, is one sure way to find as much harmony and peace as the moment allows. Now the emotional pain…. That’s another matter entirely.

        As for the pix, I very very much like the gilded flower, the symmetry and detail, the numerology and symbolism. This kind of craftsman’s art has always spoken to me. And the woman in the case becomes a psychic mirror.

  2. Thanks for posting such wonderful colour, even though you are suffering. Most of these type of injuries are either repetitive postural or accidents. I’ve had more than my share as I tend to go darting about and I know how painful they can be. Last March, I wrote a blog about how I flew throught the air, crushing my shoulder and having MBTI! I made comfrey packs, drank comfrey infusions (and a whole host of other treatments) alongside physiotherapy to keep flexibility, less yoga than usual as asanas were restricted dur to shoulder pain; and Bowen Technique for the physical/metaphysical combined – which I recommend. A combination of both acupuncture and TCM herbs would be good. Also, get as many people as possible to send healing prayers/intentions/ wishes to you. Quantum experiments have proven what has always been known: when we request for others it is more powerful than if we do so for ourselves. (But I’m all in favour of that as well!) Bountiful blessings for speedy healing, Andrew. x

    • Dawn, this all sounds good advice. The shoulder pain is new – usually it is lower back pain but I do suspect carrying heavy photographic kit on the shoulder does not help. I have a book for back pain called something like The Mackenzie Exercises and it is good – remedial exercises that vary depending on how bad the pain is and what you can tolerate. I think an holistic approach is better and I appreciate the good wishes.

  3. Are the hangers meant to represent your shoulders – a bit bent and tangled? I hope the massage helped.

  4. All those treatments are going to be merely temporary alleviation of the pain, and you know it. Time to work out how to manage your equipment better, Andrew … I have spoken. [grin]
    Ah, I remember Johnny Ray … one of the most unusual heart-throbs ever!

  5. I love the assorted brilliant colors of the first two, Andrew. The hangers were a perfect metaphor for knotted shoulders! As always, your black and whites are prompts for writing ideas, especially the lady lost in thought.
    Maybe she’s thinking of Uncle Mak, of what they could have had…but didn’t. Really good writing prompt.

  6. Sorry for your pain – I have stiff neck and shoulder pain too, but I am pretty sure it is age related arthritis – it’s all down hill from here you know, except it feels a lot like going up hill. I really liked the colour of the hangers, but the OCD in me wants them straightened out!

  7. “No wire hangers, EVER!” If Joan Crawford was alive she could beat the knots out of your neck/shoulders with the hangers. Seriously, hope your pain subsides soon! I injured my shoulder not long ago. Found applying heat, followed by message and finishing with ice helped. My 2 cents worth of advice.
    I hope all of that plastic ends up being recycled. I was surprised that most of the writing on the bottles was in English.
    Looking forward to seeing your Barcelona photos!

  8. Loved the colour photos, especially the packed assortment of plastic garbage. Like an abstract painting. I tried to open a packet of pre-sliced cheese today. It is getting harder and harder to open foodstuffs. I am now the official jar opener in the neighbourhood, especially Polish gherkins.

  9. Another lovely set of images. Particularly like the first 2 and the old lady. Good decision about travelling light…always helps to make photography more fun while sparing the body. Hope the neck and shoulder are feeling better.

  10. A very pleasing set of photos, particularly the concentrating woman – wish I could enter her head. You know the cause of your sore shoulder – and even the cure – but as you are going to go on taking great photos, perhaps you’d best settle for leaving out a couple of lenses and making yourself use alternate shoulders…

    • Scaling down to lighter gear is definitely on the cards, Hilary but then it would be goodbye to my favourite birding lens to start with. I do try to alternate shoulders but there is a naturally comfortable way to work and it will take some time to adapt.

      • I feared that might be the case and I do love the bird photos… a golf buggy perhaps?

  11. Andrew, these are great. I’m an absolute sucker for hardware shops so the one with all the shiny buckets is my favourite but The Lady Lost In Thought is pretty special too. I really sympathise with your aches and pains, Pete used to have terrible shoulder problems lugging all his cases to and fro work. I fear that lugging your photography kit around could be the culprit. Barcelona at the end of the month? How exciting!

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