All the news that’s fit to print?

What is black and white and Communist read all over? A Chinese newspaper perhaps.

Indian TimesThis is a perfect example of why you should not delete on the hoof. When I took this I was trying to frame the woman reading the paper against the door in the background. When I downloaded it I realised the 35mm lens had given me the Indian chief as well. HOW! I was not looking through the viewfinder when I shot this. I used zone focusing and you can tell I shot from about waist level.

A couple of other shots from the walk, perhaps not so successful in my mind but blogworthy perhaps. Balloon man is on the prom quite often and very good he is too. I liked the studied concentration of the onlooker.Balloon man And finally Mr. Veggie Stall, this time with his other half, not his best pal from way back when. They were chatting to a local customer. The alley is too tight to get a really wide shot with a 35mm lens. I should have taken my 24mm. Close observers will see a box marked ‘Pocari Sweat’. This is a canned drink, rather sweet, supposedly good at replenishing minerals. They told Mrs. Ha to drink some when she was in hospital. She hated it. Blue Girl is as you would expect (??) a beer.Veg stallAnd that’s your lot for the day. I wish everybody a most enjoyable weekend.


29 thoughts on “All the news that’s fit to print?

  1. Pocari Sweat, a favourite in Indo too but what a name! Pete refused to try it because he said the name was so off putting, I tried it once and it was vile. I’m loving your street photographs, it’s fascinating to see what’s going on in your hood, you are a very talented photographer.

    • I’m firmly in Pete’s camp, Lottie. I’m glad you like the photos. Its a bit of a mish mash – birds, fungi, street life….. I’m surprised people still tune in!

      • That is precisely why peeps tune in! Your posts are never dull, there is always something to surprise, amaze, wonder or laugh at. You inspire us Andrew 😀

  2. Photos one and three are my favorites. How- in the world did an American Indian chief end up in Hong Kong? The chief and the lady have equally dour expressions. These are excellent, Andrew. The pics just keeping getting more interesting. Love the facial expressions in all the photos.

    • The American Indian is a wooden figure outside a restaurant, Yvonne. I suspect is has a ‘cowboys and indians’ theme but I have never been inside. And I don’t intend to.

  3. The shared expressions on the first two victims, I mean subjects, is wonderful. The onlooker really does make the balloon man photograph interesting. Sweat replacement therapy in a can – lovely imagery. Enjoy your weekend

  4. Another set of great street photos! I couldn’t help but smile when I looked at photo 2.
    Minerals or not, I would not be eager to drink a juice with sweat in it’s name. Poor Mrs. Ha, in hospital with Nurse Ratched looking after her forcing her to drink it. Ugh. I’m sure her nurses were lovely, glad Mrs. Ha is well.

    • She is well thanks Caroline. She went in at Christmas and was quickly on the mend once she was given the right help. I also declined the joy of drinking Sweat.

  5. Excellent street photog.,Andrew. Am I correct in thinking that China is not in danger of having to virtually close down its newspapers, as are we? And if so, does it mean only that by no means everyone there is on-line?

    • M.R., the internet is spreading fast in China but by no means everybody is online. Newspapers are still abundant. There is as you might imagine extensive censorship and a lot of propaganda. In the last few decades the wealth has predominantly followed the East coast of the PRC but China now has a go West policy to spread the benefits of economic liberalisation. Inequality is a sore point with many Chinese. There is a great deal of urbanisation going on but much of the country still has an agri-economy. You don’t need to go far outside Shanghai and Beijing to find communities still not enjoying the benefits of growth.

  6. Once again, Andrew, your photographs are perfect writing prompts. Especially the ‘Indian Chief’–I want him to be the one who made the statement about only the White Man’s Government creating Daylight Savings Time!!!
    You’re a master at capturing facial expressions.

  7. I love these – especially the Indian chief and the newspaper reader – they look the same! Such a clever coincidence to catch her looking like that!

  8. MY minds boggling with ideas for each photo, Andrew, each so full of ‘captured’ delights. It’s just as if we’re peeking over your shoulder… have a great weekend too. xPenx

    • Thanks Pen. Wales won so it was a good weekend. And I correctly predicted the result of the Everton – Cardiff game so I get 10pts for that. I’m on a roll.

      • well, until they repair their defense. they’ll be vulnerable, Sir Alex passed on a poison chalice, to Moyes ( thought they were friends? 😉 ) in an aging team, with a few names… and an overpaid Rooney, (I know they don’t want to lose him, and plenty would be after him but it’s criminal the money they’re paying..) and rumour about Van Persie….It’s no wonder the team seems so ..what? beatable? Whereas they always came up trumps… now they’re bluffing… Got to spend more money…and Moyes is someone who knows how to build a team and win. So hope for the future, always, but for now…it’s magic wand time.. x

  9. Had you not explained the Pocari Sweat, I would have thought it was a modern day potion ingredient originally sought by Pseudolus. Saves a lot of time and energy.
    The first is indeed an example of good fortune favoring the prepared. The shared expressions add a great deal to an interesting photograph. Apparently the news is quite hair raising.
    I think the second is exceedingly blogworthy. I love the expression on the woman’s face as she watches balloon man at work. It is a delightful image. I hope Mr. Balloon enjoys life as much as the picture portrays.
    All three are successes IMO, Andrew.

  10. These are all really good Andrew, particularly the first 2. My favourite is by far the second one. Love the woman’s stance and expression and the absurdity of the guy. LOVE IT! You are clearly finding your rhythm on the streets!

  11. Lovely shots. I love the way the Indian and news paper reader are looking similar. Also some analogy between the onlooker and balloon maker. I wonder if you were aware of that when you were taking those photos?

    • Not with the Indian, Gerard but yes with the ballon maker shot. I took several frames of him and this was my chosen one. Thanks for reading.

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