Lulu meets the new X – T1

To prove the Princess is on her feet, here is a jpeg shot at 6400 just now. She was shy and hiding under the table 🙂

LuluAnd here she is again in glorious simulated OTT Velvia. Like any supermodel she doesn’t get out of bed for the money I pay.Lulu VelviaAnd here is Lulu’s great rival, Foxy, also in B&W jpeg. All at 6400. Gasp!

FoxyI think it may pay to read the manual on this one but if these are jpegs I can’t wait for the RAW. These were taken with the 18-55mm  kit lens. No NR applied. I think the Canon lenses are going to be up for sale soon.




8 thoughts on “Lulu meets the new X – T1

  1. Wonderful that LuLu is feeling better. Seems she’s way too young for steroid pills/injections! Who will have worse separation anxiety while you are visiting Barcelona? 🙂
    Happy Not Your Birthday! Whenever it is your birthday, may it be a wonderful day!
    Unbelievable images at 6400. If you are serious about selling your Canon lenses, I would be an interested purchaser.
    Enjoy Barcelona!

  2. Aaah, that little princess. So beautiful and these photos are excellent. Are you really going to sell some of your canon lenses?

    PS: I am behind in commenting on your posts and some other folks but I will catch up. 🙂

  3. Milo now has serious competition in the patting world. Lulu looks feminine enough but Milo has lost interest in sex since he lost part of his conjugal equipment many years ago. It’s all a bit sad. Oddly enough he is still interested in killing rats and lizards.

  4. Awww, hello again LuLu, what a cutie pie she is, .. Andrew, and I can fully understand her attitude, … how much? (Barnsley war cry!!) Never enough methinks. Foxy’s looking very introspective too, perhaps pontificating on the rivalry… 🙂 xPenx

    • Its the ISO setting, Lottie. The higher the number the lower the light you can shoot in at a decent shutter speed. The trade off is usually ‘noise’ or grain but here it looks pretty clean. I’m glad Colin approves. I often think of CS when Lulu leaves a deposit. Yule logs will never be the same.

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