A quick post to show an image taken this morning in Sagrada Familia, the famous Gaudi basilica.

This is a JPEG, wifi-ed from camera direct to the iPhone. The X T1 is proving a dream so far although battery life seems a bit short.

I am loving its weight or lack thereof.

Lots more to come when we get home.


20 thoughts on “Barcelona

  1. That is just beautiful.
    And I’m so sorry about Casa B. I feel I’ve sent you on a wild goose chase and while I know you probably would’ve preferred chasing wild geese, I didn’t expect you to have to put up with herds of the human variety.

  2. Wow! Very beautiful indeed. Wonderful how images an be easily wifi-ed to phones and posted. Looking forward to more!

  3. Brilliant, in both senses, Andrew ! We went to Barça, and we loved it. I look forward more than I can say to everything that comes from there.

    • Thanks M.R. Will post more when we get back. Just a few odds and ends in the meantime. It’s an interesting place but 90% of the population seems to smoke like a chimney 😢

      • All over Spain, m’dear, all over the whole country. All I can say in their defence is that many of ’em smoke cigarettes unknown to us, that don’t stink quite as vilely, and that just might have less killing stuff in ’em. Dunno. Can only hope.

      • Very sad and rather irritating to those of us with breathing difficulties. I quite like the smell of pipe and even cigar tobacco but ciggies are just coarse, acrid and antisocial. Like me, I guess 😉

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