15 thoughts on “Dynamic Barca

  1. I’m not much for filters that change the colors to a significant degree but I like all three scenes very much. I like photo number three of the two men talking. That one seems to have a different filter and is not “severe.” I’ve been tailgating your blog since October, 2012 and I’ve noticed how your phototography has evolved. I’m quite impressed with the truely fine photos that you’ve been taking. I think you are very much in your element now. But I’m still partial to the birds. πŸ™‚

    • Yvonne, I will return to the birds, rest assured. My shoulder feels better now. I need to find time to go to the boardwalks to check the gulls!

  2. Girls and their boots and hose–universal statements of youth! What’s that line from MY FAIR LADY?–‘the rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain’–or is it plane. πŸ˜‰

    • I’m hoping for a rain free flight tonight Marylin. The weather in HK has been scary and the forecast remains bad. I hope we can land safely.

  3. Don’t like those filters, but I feel sure that most do. I agree that the Barrio Gotico looks suitably eery, though …

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