23 thoughts on “Barca by night

  1. I see she’s reading her map. Hope she made it to her hotel !
    The two women and totally evocative of so much of Spain and the Moorish influence – much more so than in any other country with large Muslim populations …

    • We discovered an interesting area close to our hotel today, M.R. Ethnically very different. We also discovered the red light district fully functioning in broad daylight but that’s a story (and image) for another day. I can only say that Map Lady hasn’t shown up in our hotel yet.

  2. Great B & W shots, so rare these days. B & W pictures, with their wonderful play of light and shadows do evoke a palette of possibilities, do they not? What could we do to create similar effects in colour photography?


  3. ‘Underneath the Lamplight’ is good, but I am with the crowd applauding ‘The Walkers’….I assume it is named because that is what they are doing and not the family name. 🙂 Whichever, it is very well done and an ‘All downhill from here’ classic.

  4. I echo Gerard, the top shot is the top shot. Lovely. Hope you’ve both had a great time and that the weather was good. It was 6c here on Saturday, free-ee-zing but today is glorious and I spotted more Hoopees in the olive groves.

    • Ah Hoopoes. Classy birds. We’ve had a lot of fun Lottie. We visited Park Guell yesterday. Lots of birdlife there too 😊.

      • Barca is OK, I do like Gaudi and the wonderful surreality of it all, a bit like Dali at Figueres (except wandering around the museum there I had an OD of him). We didn’t stay long because A found the city too noisy and too busy so off we went to Tarragona or somewhere much nicer. But my warm southern Andalucían cities are the best. They were the first places I ever visited in Spain, and they still haven’t lost their attraction. The trouble with Spain is that there is too much to see.

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