Barcelona photo gallery

I spent a good minute or so trying to come up with a snappy caption / title for this post. Failed. It must be the weather. Pouring down outside. My brain is rusting. I am turning into the tin man. Oil can please, Dorothy. So today we will follow the Barcelona brick road a little further and explore further what lies over the rainbow. Let’s start with some of the beautiful mosaics that decorate the water fountains – very Macau.Fountain mosaic Water FountainPlus a little metro art – did Stephenson’s “Rocket” make it to Barcelona?Metrotileart And then some architecture and the like:Windowsnflags Ball facade Guitar shop Port de Barcelona On the next one I was tempted to go in and ask if Rafa was at home.Farmacia NadalSome more urban art….. is that a Banksy in there?Hello Sailor Clothes Bobby rat

And we round off with some black and white, one of which may look familiar.Norton Fortunately for this poser the likeness was rather good and she did not end up looking like 007.Portrait painter Shadow and figure Walkersv2In an ideal world I would award medals for stamina to those of you who have stayed the distance. This being WP-land however there is no gong, just my heartfelt thanks.


26 thoughts on “Barcelona photo gallery

    • I went to The Hibernian bookstore, recommended in the Lonely Planet guide. A bit disappointing. I was searching for natural history books but they had virtually nothing. We saw a couple of antiquarian stores but I didn’t go in. They didn’t look like places to find a bargain.

      • I suppose Barcelona is not the best place in Europe for the books that you’re looking for, especially if it is in English. Not that the bookshops are the main reason you were in BCN anyway 🙂

  1. Wonderful collection of photos! I really enjoyed the Urban Art. Shameful to see graffiti on the mosaics. Graffiti was ever present in AUS.
    I feel common manners and graciousness is on the decline. It was a nice surprise to read your thank you. Thank you! It’s been a difficult relocation back to the US (our air freight was “lost” for 2 weeks). I’ll take any niceties where I can!

    • Oh Caroline, how can they lose your air freight. It must have been a major nuisance. You have my sympathy. I hope you are slowly settling in again.

      I agree that basic manners are on the decline. I try hard but confess I lapse when I am driving. I find driving in HK immensely stressful and it brings out the worst in me 😦

  2. Well now. Of course we can read hundreds of blogs and shop till we drop when looking for that next great blog. I choose to stick ones the ones that I find interesting with excellent photography and a bit of what the blogger’s life is about. Therefore I found blogs that I have faithfully followed and to be “frank and ernest” here- I appreciate being thanked for viewing and commeting. I, like wise do the same when someone comments on my offerings. Just my humble opinion and this is not meant to put to anyone down. Everyone has differing ideas of what blogging is about. I find that it is the gracious thing to do by offering a “thank you” or a least to address the comment.

    Back to this post. I agree with Lottie regarding the man walking as he clasps his hands behind his back. All of the pics are excellent but that one is my favorite. The artist is quite good. I see that he drew Morgan Freeman an American actor who happens to be one of my favorite actors.

  3. I really like your black and white images again. These are taken with your new fuji, were they taken black and white in camera or is this post processing?

  4. No need for thanks Andrew, it’s always a pleasure to browse through your pictures – and your Barcelona trip has just rekindled memories of our own vacation there – so (cue music) thanks for the memories … 🙂

  5. I recently create a beautiful Powerpoint presentation about Antoni Gaudí and his breath taking art stamped in every building he created. My next trip is Barcelona.

    Beautiful pictures.

  6. Why heartfelt thanks ? – why thanks at all ? We won’t look at anything we don’t want to; so why do we need to be thanked for doing so ? I’m growing daily more tired of being thanked for reading or looking at posts – let alone for following blogs.
    I HEREBY DECLARE TO ALL INTELLIGENT PEOPLE: NEVER THANK ME AGAIN ! – just write something amusing. Please !!!

  7. As Lottie said, it’s a very nice eclectic collection of interesting images that speaks well of the sights in Barcelona, Andrew. What are all those “things” on that yellowish building? It looks as if someone rubbed a lot of balloons against their sweater and stuck them on the brick facade. 🙂
    Congratulations on getting the ad account for the Amazon Shoe Store. 🙂

    So this is my first comment on the Kindle and I had to fill in my information. As I spelled my last name the autofill thought I meant Gingivitis. :O

    • Amazon Shoe Store? I am perplexed. Are you now seeing ads on my blog, Steve! Have I crossed a threshold that triggers commercial detritus to float across the screen? Kindles are useful but the autofill is not always reliable. Hilarious at times but not reliable. As for the balloons, well I honestly have no idea. We looked at them several times but were none the wiser. Perhaps they are late taking down the Christmas decorations. Or maybe they add one each time Messi scores a goal. 😁

      • Yep….indeed you are now an unwilling shill for the corporate interweb. As am I. I suspect neither of us shall see a commission check any time soon.

  8. It’s a treat to see Barcelona through your eyes and what a wonderfully eclectic selection you have for us today! I’m not sure which one is my favourite but I find myself being drawn back to the penultimate photograph of the man walking with his hands behind his back. There’s a peacefulness about it that I really like.

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