Just when you thought it was safe….

The birds are back…………

After a month or more of pain in my neck and shoulder I finally capitulated and went to the doctor. During that time I have not carried my birding kit at all. Very frustrating. The doc waved his magic wand, recited the magic words, Izzy Wizzy, Let’s get busy and with rather more success than Sooty, the tablets did the trick. I slept without pain and I can move freely again.

As a trial I set up the bazooka this afternoon and tried a few garden shots. And here they are. Both common birds but a welcome relief from total abstinence. It is the breeding season and the birds are keeping themselves in fine fettle just in case a certain little lady goes by. Oh me, oh my!!

CB preeningΒ CB1 RWB RWB1Β And a lusty rendering of The Bulbul’s Chorus is a sure-fire magnet for any passing gal. Come into the garden, Maud!RWB2And of course you will have noted that I am now using LR5.4 to render these images, after finally abandoning LR4 before Adobe removes the right to buy LR5 on a stand alone basis.

I also picked up a new lens for my X-T1 today – a nice little portrait lens. And here is a test shot. Of course she doesn’t know I’ve posted this but hey ho, you only live once.

Shirley2 PortraitAnd that’s it for today. Work again tomorrow as I have to pay for the lens. Its a hard life.




34 thoughts on “Just when you thought it was safe….

  1. Bloody halfwit ! – I’ll bet your wife (who is gorgeous !) has been trying to get you to go to the doctor for WEEKS !!! Men ! Pfuh !

  2. Loved the penultimate one, looks like one of those arty paintings that I have accused you of before, and then I got to Mrs Ha. What a beautiful portrait. There is a certain Mona Lisa aspect to it too. Try looking at each half separately.

  3. I’ve missed the birdies. Good to see them again! I especially like the top shot with how the different forms and colours in the picture. Mrs Ha looks great!

  4. Hmmmm. We haven’t heard a word from Andrew since this post…..maybe Shirley found out about the unauthorized publishing. πŸ™‚ Well, it is a lovely portrait both well taken and well rendered, Mr. Ha.
    You have taken beating enough for the medical delay so nothing from me on that account….but you shouldn’t have waited now should you?
    Your birds do seem to be in fine fettle and I am happy as well that you are able to go abirding again.

  5. Wonderful photographs, all of them, Andrew. But what readers are waiting to learn is the secret name for the magic pills that healed you so quickly. Or maybe it was the pills and the magic words together; still, it really worked. Glad you’re feeling better.

    • Oh no! I finished the course yesterday and threw away the packaging. Only 3 days. They were white. And round. Does that help, Marylin? Some say a tot of rum will do as well. Worth trying. If you don’t drink it you can rub it in!

  6. Agree with the above, what magic anti inflammatory(?) pill worked so quickly? Happy you are on the mend posting your usual stunning bird images.
    Hopefully Mrs. Ha is not upset with you. Her portrait is lovely.
    You must have a very fine collection of cameras and lenses!

  7. Nice bird shots, really like the third one down. I not sure I post a picture of my wife without her knowledge, think you are taking your live in your own hands.

  8. Glad to see the birds are back and you feel better as well!
    Somehow I got Unfollowed on your blog, and all this time I just thought you were not posting anymore. Glad to know you are still around. πŸ™‚

  9. Very, very happy to have the birds back (and very pleased you have a solution for the pain). I find the birds attention to their appearance, especially in the birdbath, one of the great joys in my life. Actually we now have two birdbaths and they queue up at them.

  10. So, lets say you’re Stoic Andrew…. for as one who will not go to the Docs unless absolutely necessary, (arm twisted up back-wise, which would need attention anywho methinks. πŸ˜‰ ) Gorgeous Birdies, and they know it…. and Gorgeous shot of Mrs H…. Does she know yet? can’t do, or you’d be MIA 😎 xPenx

  11. Very courageous and beautiful post. You may be back to see the doc after Mrs Ha catches up with your blog post. Where do you keep all your lenses? How do you decide which to take with you?
    Don’t work too hard – its depriving us of great pleasure!

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