Dear diary…..

I awoke this morning to the gut-wrenching experience of a moribund laptop. We had been close pals for a few years and suddenly I saw only a pallid face and a few tears (mine). Mrs. Ha was going onto the Island anyway so I packed my gear and hitched a life to the Apple Store. En route Mrs. Ha decided that it was imperative that we inspect the reopened supermarket in Tai Koo Shing. Now that was not on my agendum (one item) but I resolved myself to stiffen the sinews and straighten the spine and tackle it manfully. Why a supermarket evoked such curiosity I know not. I avoid them like the dreaded lurgi. I did however need some shower gel so we dutifully searched out the shelf we needed, which was, lo and behold, in exactly the same position it had been in 2 months ago. What a renovation! We then started a ‘discussion’ on what flavour shower gel I needed. I opted for plain vanilla but of course I lost and ended up with ‘active’ flavour. I think that is just wishful thinking on Mrs. Ha’s part.

A quick escape and we were soon in the Apple store in Causeway Bay. My soon to be bosom pal Nelson ran a series of tests and proclaimed that my logic board was dead and the laptop unstable. A repair would take 7 days and cost almost HK$5,000. Or I could buy a new one for HK$20,000. Mrs. Ha wanted new, I wanted patch up. Guess who won?  She spends my our money with such abandon.

So now Nelson (soon to be replaced by Louis) offers to migrate my data with a Thunderbirds are Go cable which might take anything from 3 hours to a week depending on how much data I was moving from laptop 1 to laptop 2. It took 2.5 hours although the status bar went over 12 hours at one point.

Mrs. Ha had beaten a tactical withdrawal to lunch.

Now came the most exciting moment (after paying). We booted it up to see how blazingly fast it was. Only it wasn’t. After 5 minutes my sooper-dooper new 15″ retina screen jobby coughed asthmatically and spat out an attempt at logging me on. We tried this three times.

Nelson returned. Still no go. Enter Jerry, the “Lead Genius”. And by golly so he was. Within 5 minutes he had worked out that all my external drives are WD and their drivers work fine on Mountain Lion but not Mavericks. So he updated the drivers and SHAZAM! Faster than a speeding thingummy the laptop did its stuff.  We were all so enthralled at Jerry’s genius that we carried him shoulder high around the store with shouts of “huzzah!” and “Long Live Jerry”. Whatever happened to his friend Tom, I wonder. We then repeated the reboot 4 times just to maximise our fun and satisfaction.

And here I sit, tinkering, finding the odd gremlin but nothing serious. The retina screen is antiseptic in its clarity. I wonder whether it is like the old school swimming pool, full of chlorine.

The downside of course is that I am considerably poorer than I was when I woke up and I am going to have to work almost a full day to pay for it. And I have to use the active flavour shower gel. The best bit is that I have three new chums in Nelson, Louis and Jerry, geniuses all. Oh and a rather ritzy new toy too. What a day its been.

23 thoughts on “Dear diary…..

    • I had not installed the update on my old MacBook Pro. I read about various problems and a few more may emerge. I think the mail app was the worst and that has supposedly been fixed. But so far this evening, so good.

  1. At least you got a new toy, I have the same problems with my PC, and I just keep rattling on… Is a PC supposed to rattle? I had three freezes yesterday, but that was doing some pretty hefty stuff in CorelDraw, heftier than my RAM can handle. It groaned, coughed and came to a shuddering stop with the cursor stuck where it was and no amount of coaxing would budge it.

    Love ’em or hate ’em.


    • AV, I hate buying new laptops but the photo processing is quite heavy duty so I can’t really argue with Shirley’s decision. I simply don’t know enough about them to keep them going. I had to get the talented artist daughter to get the printer connected by wifi. It was so complicated. Turn printer off. Turn printer on again. Bingo. It worked. So frustrating.

  2. Well good for you, Andrew. A few wrinkles but thank goodness there was a friendly wizard in the neighborhood. I am approaching the same boat although with my desktop machine. But after a rather “you really pissed me off” encounter with Dell, I am no longer a faithful Dellite. Amherst Computerworks INC has caught my eye after a nice update to Mary Beth’s desktop with nary a file or address lost. So we are about to venture into the unknown with an i7, 24GB Ram, 2TB Sata, 256GB SSD monster to chew up those large image files and spit them back out finished in no time. Mucho chuffed at the prospect.
    When I first got the Dell it made grinding sounds. Scared the crapola out of me. They ended up replacing the motherboard, power supply and processor before all was well. I am happy that all you needed was a driver update. 🙂

  3. Your active shower gel is your one saving grace, Andrew. Anyone who has ever purchased new computers and transferred over ALL the files, guaranteed all will be superbly accomplished, needs to have lots of soothing hot shower water and inspiring gel waiting to soothe them. The computer process ranks up there with major home remodeling–nothing is as simple and direct and perfect as described. At least all you needed was an update, which in home improvements is like needing only a new toilet valve instead of an entire bathroom.

  4. Hardacre, you’re a scream ! – and yet another Mac fool. [grin] It’s only Mac owners who are told things like that, y’know; we Windows people always have the ability to replace bits with impunity.
    [Having lit blue touchpaper, M R retires rapidly]

    • Phil I bought a 3 year Apple Care plan. First time ever. But I figured my laptops are lasting about 2.5 years so it might buy me an extra year or so.

  5. What an emotional roller coaster day! I like to think I’m a calm, sane individual, but all bets are off when something goes wrong with my computer. I get so angry/frustrated that my husband has forbidden me to call him at work for computer assistance. :-/ Shameful!
    Enjoy your new laptop!

  6. This sounds like a very familiar scenario, albeit in reverse. Have had laptop problems in the past and Geek Boy at local shop managed to get it going without even a sniff of shower gel bribery.
    Have fun with your new toy 🙂

  7. Ah,. Andrew great post, …I love all things technical, (so I keep trying to tell myself) but they don’t love me… I’m sure they scent out deep rooted fear, y’know? I give them a stare which , to me , says ‘ go on, give it your worst shot’ … total bluffwise, and they ‘call’… Always.. 🙂 … (I can feel Norbert laughing his head off!!!) xPenx

    • Computers smelling fear? I do believe you are right, Pen. They know I am too old to understand them so they mock me relentlessly. Norbert?

  8. Glad you survived the upgrade in macs and gel.
    Do people actually put these machines on top of their laps?
    I got really heave last year and added memory and moved photo library to a removable hard drive. Bought me two more years on the old MacBook Pro.
    I would never go back to a windows machine.
    I am still laughing about the victory laps around the Apple Store. Those guys are great.

  9. Hmm, we have Mountain Lion and are currently resisting the change to Mavericks. I’m about to buy and install InDesign cs6 (not the new InDesignCC) and I suspect this will be happier with the old rather than the new. We have a great local Apple store too.

    • I have to say the new machine is very fast Hilary. Were it not for the incompatability of the WD drives it would have gone very smoothly. I don’t find any gremlins in Mavericks yet but I’m not a ‘power user’.

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