From the garden

I was going to walk up the hill today but it is so murky here taking photos would be a waste of time. It has also drizzled intermittently. Of course tomorrow I am doing a day of contract work to pay for the laptop so it will be warm, sunny, light breeze and a bird and bug-full day. So a few more shots of the garden residents come out of the top quality, hessian, reusable, recyclable,  totally organic, vitamin-packed (made in China) camera bag. They may be old friends by now but I never tire of watching their antics and wondering what is going on in their minds.

Something clearly attracted the attention of this couple in mid-preen. What was that Doris? No idea Dan. Probably just another super-hero passing through.SidebySide And one of them decided to call the alarm for the neighbours. Or perhaps he was just feeling a bit frayed – can’t you stop your kids playing football near my nest? No, you can’t have your ball back. Buzz off.Singing RWB

And the Crested Mynas look just as baffled. Or is that an alert look?Crested Myna2 ‘Ere. Stop pointing that thing at me.  They can be very sensitive little souls in between terrorising the rest of the garden residents.Crested MynaBut the prize for my favourite bird yesterday went to this chap. Singing his little heart out. A Magpie Robin. This fulfils all Mrs. Ha’s criteria for identifying birds, being a combination of black and white. She contends that all birds are either black or white or a combination of the two. I do wish she’d allow me to buy a colour TV. Watching David Attenborough’s Life of Birds in B&W is not as rewarding as in glorious technicolor.

Magpie RobinAnd finally, just because I liked it – a leftover shot from yesterday – some seeds.


More as soon as a rest day coincides with decent weather. I hope everybody had a spam-free and enjoyable holiday.



19 thoughts on “From the garden

  1. Good smiling photos. This evening we were remembering snooker in black and white – as in “for those of you viewing in black and white the blue ball is right behind the yellow”.

    • Or for those of you watching in B&W Manchester United are in the red shorts. We loved pot black when we were young. The advent of colour TV.

  2. Another wonderful collection of photos! The front on image of the Crested Myna makes the bird look downright goofy though it is a bird bully.

  3. Great backyard hunting. Been spam-free for 47 years. I am glad you went to seed today. My daughter, when she was much younger, saw a black and white movie. She asked , in all sincerity “was everything black and white when you grew up Dad?”

    I think it was, now all is grey. 🙂

  4. I moved from a garden in India full of red-whiskered bulbuls to a bulbul-free London, so I enjoy seeing them again in your photos.

  5. Oh, these shots are just GORGEOUS, Andrew ! I do love the red-whiskered bulbuls – they really do seem to be conducting a dialogue. Your magpie robin would look like an Aussie willy wagtail were it not for the beak … I love birds !!!!

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