Fall in Spring

I went over to Yim Tin Tsai today – just 20 minutes on a boat. It is invariably interesting for plants and bugs. Today I was pleased to hear my first Indian Cuckoo of the Spring (call: One more bottle) and a Chinese Francolin (call: Come to The Peak, ha ha!). I also saw 2 Sooty-headed Bulbuls, not a site I have seen them at before.

I came back a bit early as it was raining and the wind was getting up. I then foolishly decided to walk up to the house. This is quite a climb. 50m from the house I slipped and fell. My left elbow and my lower back took the brunt and I felt my spine jar badly. I can still fell the pain now. We have to walk 10km tomorrow for a tree planting for Cost Centre 2’s company event. I hope I make it.

I have quite a few pictures but none terribly good. Here are just a few.

Moody Landscape


Orange fungi2Strophanthus divaricatusAnd when I got home I decided the living room needed tidying up. Is this before or after? I’m sure Lulu is in there somewhere!Clear up

29 thoughts on “Fall in Spring

  1. Sorry to hear about the fall, Andrew. I hope it is recovered by tomorrow for your event and for your comfort too.
    I think the ivy and window is worth going back for more.

    I guess Lulu does not like being left alone. What a splendid expression of separation anxiety. πŸ™‚

    • Hurricane Lulu. I must check whether we have had one. I have discovered a band called Hurricane Lulu. That’s close enough although I think she should have joined The Wailers.

  2. Hope the impact of the Fall of Andrew isn’t too bad.
    I really like the contrast of the colours of the vine and the fungus.
    Your living room is more upscale than I had imagined. It reminds me of when our daughter lived at home.

  3. Ouch, poor you,I hope you’ve got some anti-inflammatories and strong pain killers. The window is my favourite today but your living room comes a close second – This is the sort of scene we come back to if we leave C. Snout Esq in the house for a couple of hours on his own…..malo perro.

  4. Best of luck with your bruises – I hope there is nothing worse. I recently came off a ladder half way down. The fates were with me and all I suffered were multiple bruises (the last now just gone). Dr Green says, Ibuprofen and keep moving – but slowly. Love the pictures, especially the crazy window (there is a whole novel to write there) and the bright fungus.

    • Thank you Dr. Green. I did indeed keep moving and I threw down some Panadol. I am not allowed ibuprofen. I am not keen on ladders, never trust them. I’m glad it was not a serious fall. Bruises I can live with. I am more worried about the jarring of the spine. The window seems popular. I’m glad it appeals.

  5. The inside shot could be the setting for a horror movie, but I LOVE the colorful photograph of the window! The iron work and broken panes and trailing ivy make a fascinating picture!
    Stay off ladders, okay?

  6. sorry to read about your fall Andrew, hope your aches and pains are few and far between, ( what does thst mean? It’s in my head so I wrote it!!) anywho… Lulu did all that? Wow!! πŸ˜€ xx

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