All alone

I walked up the hill behind the house today. Rather less strenuous than yesterday but good for the waistline. I have a few nice bug shots but I am trying to ID them before I launch them on the blog. Instead here is a consoling flower.DSCF0883This was taken with the 56mm F1.2 portrait lens on my new Fuji X-T1.

Why consoling? Well whilst I was out my phone beeped at me and Pavlov’s reaction kicked in and I checked to see what it was. An old friend and colleague was letting us all know that his cancer treatment has run its course and he has no more options. His horizon is 3-6 months. He seemed to be doing so well and then this. At times like this I need nature to reaffirm my faith in the world.


25 thoughts on “All alone

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your friend. The problem with cancer is, death is inevitable in many cases.
    Sometimes the timescale isn’t fixed and extra moments are bought.
    Hope you both make the most of his time.


    PS Why does the pic look fuzzy? Is that deliberate?

  2. Affirmation, A friend of mine is in for open heart surgery this week, Andrew, and I’ve been complaining about my aches and pains from a fall… Strewth, … isn’t life a biatch sometimes? Affirmation …. brings you up short and serious.. xx

  3. Nature is both beautiful and cruel and you’ve managed to see both sides of it in one short walk. I hope the time left ahead with your friend gives you a chance to make more memories to provide you with comfort after they are gone.

  4. Beautiful flower. How did you get the black or very dark background half way up.

    So sorry to hear about your friend. Life of every sort is so fragile and temporary and therefore to be valued and respected. I think the flower sums up our reality very well.

    Thank you for all the signs of beauty and hope you bring us through your photography Andrew

    • Thanks Rod. Simon is showing immense courage. He has a lovely family.

      The black background is just using a low angle to get it against the foliage behind. There is natural light fall off and I increased (darkened) the shadows in Lightroom.

  5. Sorry to hear about your friend. Hopefully, fond memories of your friend will bring you comfort when you next see this flower.

  6. I think Just Rod has summed it up perfectly in his comment about how fragile life is.
    It always amazes me how our minds adhere time, sounds and vision together. I imagine now, the flower and your friend will be forever linked in your memory.

  7. I think your choice of the flower for this post is quite appropriate, Andrew. Sad news about your friend and I am sorry about that. It’s something that we experience all too often as we age ourselves and time or health catches up to others.
    On a brighter note, this is a lovely flower and your image does it great justice. 🙂

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