The cat morphs

Well I now know that my tentative ID of the caterpillar as Red Helen (Papilio helenus helenus) was correct. How? Because it has gone from 4th to 5th instar and now looks like this.Red Helen 3 Red Helen Red Helen2

The shots are a bit wobbly as I was hand holding the camera in grotty light. Nevertheless it shows just how beautiful butterflies can be even before they reach maturity.

And just because you deserve it, here’s a sticky to keep you going.Stick InsectIt can get a bit boring here if you don’t like insects πŸ™‚ Β  So just in case, here is a rather spiffing Chinese Goshawk, my birthday bird of the day. What a SPLENDID bonus.

Chinese Goshawk



36 thoughts on “The cat morphs

  1. I order a birthday present like this for 22nd Sep – please note =D
    Wow, really great! Dein Geburtstag war damit ja mindestens (!!) gelungen πŸ™‚

  2. The caterpillar looks super weird I have only seen traditional english ones before. Great hawk for your birthday, I guessing you couldn’t take it home.

  3. I’m after the fair, but I hope you had a happy birthday nevertheless. I am amazed at how many changes these insects go through for their (mostly) brief lives in maturity. I love the stillness in the pose of the Goshawk though I suppose the stick insect is even more stationary (just has less expression).

  4. The caterpillar morphing photographs are stunning, Andrew, but the Chinese Goshawk is sensational. It’s as though this bird posed for you and you captured it perfectly.

  5. That’s one handsome little fellow (the bird, not the bug) πŸ™‚ And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Andrew and cheers to more birthday birds to come!

  6. Happy Birthday Andrew – did you get a camera or lens or special gismo for your birthday? Great buggy hoots especially Red Helen, what a great name.
    Hope the day was all you could wish

    • No special gizmos, Rod. Just the company of the family and a few photos. I am easily satisfied. Thank you 😊

  7. I love the Chinese Goshawk! I don’t see many blue birds in my neck of the woods – well, except for the Blue Jay.
    Great pictures!!

  8. Adding my Happy Birthday Wishes Andrew, and many thanks for the prezzies above,… I’m staring in amazement at the patterning on the Chrysalis, Nature’s fan=ta=stic.. and a great shot of the Gos(h)hawk.. a birthday treat t’end all treats methinks. xx

    • The lilies are probably being munched away by small red beetles that are a real pest species, Jenny. They have to be got rid of. Napalm the buggers.

  9. Very handsome cat indeed, Andrew. Sticks are such odd insects. But then we are rather odd mammals, no?
    I trust the day has been splendid for your birthday and topped off by that sweet treat from your local pizza palace. Many more birthdays, Andrew, and much good health.

  10. Wonderful Andrew. You’ve done it again. Amazing shots. Wobbly? You must be kidding. I can see the hairs on the leaves. The Chinese Goshawk looks very confident.

  11. Oooh, these are spectacular. Slightly creepy but fascinating. The Chinese Goshawk is very striking.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Andrew. I hope you are having a fantabulous day πŸ˜€

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