23 thoughts on “Ein musikalischer Spaß – H. 522

  1. I left a comment yesterday about the wonderful Red-whiskered Green-moustachioed Bulbul but it seems to not have posted. Ah well, minor wit on my part anyway.

    • My dad could play Mozart. I can only listen. I don’t know the origins of the joke to be honest but it was famously used in a TV advert for PG Tips tea. Always made me smile, Barbara.

  2. Great joke! I have been dodging robins and blackbirds all day as I was clearing out ivy from under a tree. The blackbirds stopped bothering to avoid me as I tossed vine weevils to them while they hung about inches clear of my trowel with their beaks stashed so full things kept dropping out.

  3. I shan’t make reference to your likening yourself to Wolfgang Amadeus, Andrew: never let such mockery pass my lips ! [grin] MARVELLOUS photo !

  4. haha! very funny and a great picture. The caterpillars in our garden have now vanished. I think naming and shaming them on Facebook did the trick. The one in our bedroom is now morphing in to a cocoon. I’m leaving it because I’m longing to see exactly what it will turn in to….

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