30 thoughts on “Shrikes!

    • It would be an interesting contest between two predators. I hope the shrike would be too big for a rat snake but maybe not. Someone I know has a video taken in his garden of a python eating a goat!

  1. Yikes! Shrikes! A very lovely collection, indeed. All are excellent, Andrew, especially the shrieking shrike, but that last foliageated framed shot is just superbulous. ๐Ÿ™‚ Try saying “foliageated” quickly several times. Such an innocent looking bloke.

  2. What a nice collection, showing them in different activities or poses.

    The last is my favourite. I like the depth of the background that shows well without distracting from the shrike

  3. I remember my ex once describing his previous girlfriend as a shrike, I remember thinking ‘I hope he never refers to me as one!’ Beautiful photographs, Andrew. You make bird photography look so easy and I know that it’s not! I’ve been photographing the swallows here that are nest building just outside the kitchen (I want to write a post about them one day) and trying to get some good in-flight shots is near impossible but I know that you’d make a marvellous job of it ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Lottie, try manual focus. Switch off auto. Pick a spot on their flight path as they approach the nest. Focus on that and wait for them to fly through the viewfinder. Its not easy – sometimes you need dozens of goes before you hit the jackpot. You need a fast shutter speed too. At least 1/1000s for a flight shot. The faster the better. Don’t use aperture priority – you need speed.

  4. But they are so BEAUTIFUL, Andrew ! – why do they have a bad name ? Oh hang on … it’s a poem or something … a Victorian misery story ? Something like that. I’d love to have them on my balcony …

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