Yes, 2 of them in our garden today. Brown Shrikes both, Lanius cristatus. They speak for themselves. Enjoy.Preening Brown Shrike Brown Shrike Brown Shrike2 Shrike SwallowShrike close


30 thoughts on “Shrikes!

  1. But they are so BEAUTIFUL, Andrew ! – why do they have a bad name ? Oh hang on … it’s a poem or something … a Victorian misery story ? Something like that. I’d love to have them on my balcony …

  2. I remember my ex once describing his previous girlfriend as a shrike, I remember thinking ‘I hope he never refers to me as one!’ Beautiful photographs, Andrew. You make bird photography look so easy and I know that it’s not! I’ve been photographing the swallows here that are nest building just outside the kitchen (I want to write a post about them one day) and trying to get some good in-flight shots is near impossible but I know that you’d make a marvellous job of it 😀

    • Lottie, try manual focus. Switch off auto. Pick a spot on their flight path as they approach the nest. Focus on that and wait for them to fly through the viewfinder. Its not easy – sometimes you need dozens of goes before you hit the jackpot. You need a fast shutter speed too. At least 1/1000s for a flight shot. The faster the better. Don’t use aperture priority – you need speed.

  3. What a nice collection, showing them in different activities or poses.

    The last is my favourite. I like the depth of the background that shows well without distracting from the shrike

  4. Yikes! Shrikes! A very lovely collection, indeed. All are excellent, Andrew, especially the shrieking shrike, but that last foliageated framed shot is just superbulous. 🙂 Try saying “foliageated” quickly several times. Such an innocent looking bloke.

    • It would be an interesting contest between two predators. I hope the shrike would be too big for a rat snake but maybe not. Someone I know has a video taken in his garden of a python eating a goat!

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