If you don’t smile reading this then you are a true curmudgeon. I smiled all the time reading Bruce’s post. I rarely re-blog but this is indeed ‘Priceless’.

Bruce McCammon Photography

The wonders of nature are amazing to this old man.  I recharge when I get out in nature to walk around at various times of day and times of year.  There’s high value in natural solitude for me.  Yet I always enjoy sharing nature with young eyes as much as I do having time alone outside.  My youngest granddaughter, Kendyl, has given me the chance to experience what may seem to be common things through young eyes and a vital, fresh mind.  Kendyl just turned three years old and we are sharing a week with her in Bozeman, Montana.  Being a Montana girl and the daughter of two very outdoor-oriented parents, Kendyl is at home walking in cold and wind and snow as well as swinging in bright sunshine.  She confided that she likes the wind and we talked about how we can’t see the wind directly but we know it’s…

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9 thoughts on “Priceless

  1. Before I read … I got your letter yesterday, Andrew – for which I thank you wholeheartedly. It is more appreciated than you could understand, I think. And I should very much like to know when you get results from that same day – my email address is there on my site, in case you forget …

    • M.R., I am happy that the letter has arrived safely. I won’t have my results until after I return from London as they won’t send them by e mail or do them over the phone. I hope however that I shall still be ticking away in 10 days time.

      • You have caused genuine anxiety, you bastard ! I bloody EXPECT you to stay hale and hearty indefinitely. See to it.

    • Absolutely glorious. It brought a tear or two to my old eye, but that was just for the terrific gift of remembrance brought by Bruce’s post. Thank-you for it, indeed, AH !!!!

  2. Kendyl is a beautiful, smiling reminder of exuberant life…as only those in nature can know it. Wonderful pictures and powerful retelling of the experience.

  3. Pure joy! My 4 year old twins and 3 year old share the same exuberance as Kendyl. I usually have all three with me when I am photographing birds. They love to find the birds for me to photo. Treasured moments.

  4. So pleased you shared this Andrew, total delight. As I put on the other site, my 3 yo. asked when a storm came upon us on a walk, ‘do butterflies go rusty?’ Brings the wonder back reading this!

  5. Sweet post by Bruce McCammon, Andrew. We’ve no children, but I can sense the wonder of a child and the deep pleasure a parent or grandparent would experience sharing what one loves with the youngster. Thanks for sharing this.

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