Brown shrikes in the garden!

I hesitate to post these shots as you may be less enthused by shrikes than I.

May I start though for thanking you for your reaction to Bruce’s post, which I re-blogged. It was a cracker and I am now determined that I shall regress to 3 years old and find my own first bison. I am well on the way to the first step. I am dribbling nicely.

I went to the office this morning in torrential rain. I decided I could finish my work for the day at home – only conference calls to make and notes to write. I was well rewarded. The rain had eased off to a downpour but from the study / crow’s nest I espied a Brown Shrike again. And then another. At one point I had 3 in my sights. One close, two further away. And here they are:

Brown Shrike1 Brownshrikes

The marks are rain not sensor spots / streaks.

Yesterday Mrs. Ha spent half of South Sudan’s GDP on a handbag. I understand that just like shoes, a girl can never have too many handbags. And so I hereby proclaim that a boy can never have too many shrikes. And of course shrikes are free.  The real test comes when I am on a conference call and an interesting bird appears. I have worked out that if I put the phone on mute and grunt occasionally the caller thinks I am listening. I can then take photos etc and return in time to wrap up by saying – ok, can you just drop me a quick e mail to summarise and then we’ll take it from there. This is called “Advanced Executive Coaching” or possibly executive BS.  I mean birds are far more important. But what I really want is a bison in the garden. Now wouldn’t that be something. All I can see for now is……… a shrike!


21 thoughts on “Brown shrikes in the garden!

  1. I’m not sure that you really would want a bison in your garden, I’m not sure that bisons know how to tip-toe round the tulips, and think of all that poo! I read Bruce’s post yesterday, it was enchanting, a delightful piece. Young children have such enthusiasm, it really is catching.
    Your shrikes are very bonny and how clever of you to manage a conference call and take their photos all at the same time. You are a wonder Mr H 😀

  2. With an Australian accent : –
    Q: What’s the difference between a buffalo and a bison ?
    A: You can’t wash your hands in a buffalo ….
    Boom Boom !

  3. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a shrike. In England they are known as the butcher bird I think. Does this apply to all shrikes and in all parts of the world. Fabulous photographs. You’ve captured plenty of character as well as being visually stunning.

    • Thanks Simon. Yes I think all shrikes impale their prey on thorns but there are other birds called butcher birds which makes it confusing.

    • Please don’t mention jewellry. I break out in a cold sweat each time we walk past her favourite toy shop. If we actually go in I start to shake uncontrollably and hyperventilate.

  4. It looks like they espied you too. I’m sure you need to know that my (new, leather) handbag cost £3.75p from a charity shop, but it’s probably not nearly as cool as Mrs Ha’s.

    • But I bet you can put things in it, Hilary, just like Mrs. Ha’s. It seems alas that functionality is not the aim of a handbag. Apparently it has to colour coordinate with several outfits too. I am so grateful men don’t have to use them although one friend has something he calls his ‘Prada man-bag’. I shudder.

      • A splendid non sequitur, M.R. I have never worried about butter on toast. My biggest decision is the flavour of jam that should start my day. Today was raspberry.

  5. Love that first shot, Andrew. The stare down and attitude are palpable. 🙂 And it was quite nice for the little butcher to pose in front of a perfectly shaped background.

  6. Whoa! Lucky you were not impaled by the shrike in the first image. Wonderful images.
    As for Mrs. Ha’s new handbag, nothing wrong with looking glamorous as you fly to Portugal in the front of the plane. I wish I were more like Mrs. Ha but my thrifty Polish genes seem to make it impossible.

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