I am off to London tonight. Well, tomorrow to be truthful. Just after midnight. Hand carry luggage only. Those awfully nice people at CX will hopefully land me gently on the tarmac at LHR around 6am in the morning. A driver will be waiting as I exit security and with luck he will have a car with him.  I rather like the early morning arrivals. The drive into the City will doubtless be smooth. I shall go to the hotel and rest, awaiting the rigours of the working week ahead.  I shall leave behind the worst start to May in HK that I can recall since I arrived in 1997.

Two pictures from the house this week: number oneWindows5and number two:Windows9

That is what I have been looking at for most of the week. The top view is of course much better and this morning’s break in the rain allowed me to see my first Bonelli’s Eagle loafing past the house being mobbed by half a dozen crows. Caw, they said. The Welsh eagle never uttered a sound. Perhaps he was from Llareggub. Down below in the bay a couple of White-winged Terns flew past. I was looking for them as they had been seen on the other side of the ridge near the fish farm. I guessed they would head my way. The interweb-thingy is useful for local news as well as telling me what is going on in the remotest corners of the globe, beyond civilisation. Are you out there, Australia?

Later in the morning a very streaky finch-like bird paused briefly in the garden. I racked my brain and could not think what it could be. Someone suggested a female Common Rosefinnch. Of course. I am such a dope. I should have thought of that. A very late date however and it could be an ex-captive bird. Do I add it to my garden list or not? Decisions, decisions.

Now I just wait for Mrs. Ha to return from her weekly dose of Korean lessons. Three hours and a spoonful of sugar. She is doing remarkably well. She studies hard. She deserves the odd handbag. Then we shall eat our last supper before Ringo’s taxi takes me to HK International Airport. I may not be WP’ing much in the next week so enjoy yourselves whilst I am gone. I am hoping the weather in London will be better than here and just in case I have snuck my X100s into my bag so I can take a picture or two of Olde London Town. Toodle pip.



17 thoughts on “Wet’n’dry

  1. Have a productive and quickly passing week in London Towne, Andrew. I’d not like the weather in HK very much, but I do like the rainy image. 🙂 Hopefully the weather will have got itself straightened out in time for your return.
    I hope you will be packing a small capture device in your carry on.

  2. Say hello to the Beef-Eaters and you can’t go wrong saying ‘cheerio’ every now and then. I loved the rain photo. Those droplets on the glass would send farmers here in a frenzy of nude dancing around the billa-bong.
    Enjoy the flight and make the most of London.

  3. A bit showery here in England but the sunshine in between is rather lovely. The second picture was so wet that I almost reached for a cloth to wipe my own screen. Have a splendid time here in blighty.

  4. As represented by moi, Oz is out here, Andrew … and wishing you wonderful, restful flights in both directions. Stay safe, mate !

  5. Safe travels, Andrew, to the neatest of destinations. If something goes awry, just remember: at least you’re in London, or London-bound!

    Tell us about the little things…things folks tend to overlook, that you see while there!

  6. Welcome to the UK, where the weather is wet, with patches of sunshine. Sorry. After a long warm, dry patch it is cool, windy and frequently wet. Still, wet foliage in the sunshine is very photogenic.

  7. “the remotest corners of the globe, beyond civilisation. Are you out there, Australia?”

    Well, I see that Gerard and I are here, anyhow! Cheers!

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