On the stump – a BAD moment

I knew it. I knew it. If I waited long enough a bird would hop onto the remains of the tree. And so, I give you today Garrulax perspicillatus, also known as the Masked or Black-faced Laughingthrush. I heard him first and rushed to grab the camera. Not very good light but it is an ‘on the stump’ first.

Masked Laughingthrush

Masked Laughingthrush2


30 thoughts on “On the stump – a BAD moment

  1. A BAD moment ? What does this mean ? Here I am looking at a post wonderful pair of shots, that you’ve labelled as ‘a bad moment ! ELUCIDATE, please, Andrew !

  2. A laugher, huh? A Garrulous Garrulax? Not the best light, but a really nice shot of this interesting Laughingthrush. It obviously must be a fan of All downhill from here. 😀

  3. Nice shots. There seems to be potential for the tree to com ego life again in its severely pollarded form. I too was pondering why it was a BAD moment.

  4. Starting my day with a hearty laugh – I would NEVER have figured out the Bird-A-Day!! Thanks M-R for asking the question! 🙂
    … and the bird is lovely too 😀

  5. Ok B.A.D Moment, very clever. At first i thought it was because you had become obsessed with looking at the stump and waiting for something to come along, which has finally been fed. Nice shot, hopefully more birds will visit the stump.

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