Just birds

A busy day today. I am tired. But when I arrived home the sun was already low in the sky and the garden birds were sitting out. I couldn’t resist a few frames of my friends.



14 thoughts on “Just birds

  1. They don’t seem to mind the bougainvillea at all, eh, Andrew ? I wonder if they ever put a foot wrong and get stabbed ?

  2. The last photo of the Red-wiskered Bulbul is the best. It seems to be saying, “now here this” or maybe it’s singing an aria. The first pic I can’t remember the name of the bird but I think it is in the starling-myna bird type group. I’ve tried to rack my brain but that is the best stab and I know that you are not asking for names but I should be more attentive to what you post.

  3. You are running with a dangerous crowd there, Andrew. Be very careful how you choose your friends. That first guy looks to be serious trouble.
    Very nice shots…you are lucky to be able to have these visitors and get these shots from such an easy locale.

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