Blooming difficult – a learning experience

I have a great deal of respect for flower togs. You would think they could just walk up to a flower, plonk the camera in front, say “cheese” to the chosen bloom and flash (optional) bang wallop, what a photograph. A load of little white bull, I fear.

I went out into the garden this morning. We are now up to the mid-30s C and RH off the scale. I have no desire to venture far from the aircon. This apprehension was justified when I suffered at least a dozen mozzie bites before I had even inhaled. I had seen a rather attractive flower dangling on the patio and I thought I might make it famous. Just for 15 minutes. And this is it.


Notice how the lighting is uneven because the background is asymmetrically coloured, if that is the right expression. Green one side, brown the other. It looks odd. And it is of course supposed to be blurred. It was my attempt at being Schänzer-esque. I liked the colour scheme. Someone should make a flag out of red, white and green. They may already have done. I also deliberately added grain to make it look, well, grainy. At the end of all that faffing about with the processing I’m not sure I like the end result but I do have heightened appreciation for all those who do artistic images of flora. (That’s botany flora not the margarine. I think an artisitic image of a tub of margarine might be tricky – maybe Mr. Warhol could give it a go). My biggest learning was that I need something akin to a drysuit to keep the mozzies at bay or I bring the plant into the house. Ticks we have none but the mozzies are out to conquer Hong Kong and woe betide anybody who stands in their way.

29 thoughts on “Blooming difficult – a learning experience

  1. Cool little flower you have there, Andrew. As far as the mozzies go, I’d think a tub of garlic butter applied liberally would chase the little biters away….or, maybe that attracts them. Either way, give it a go and let us know. I imagine it will get you a choice table at Chez HK.

  2. I will look at flower photographs in a different light now you have explained all that – the difficulties in working with what nature gives you. I still like the clarity of the foreground and the blurry background though.

  3. I really like this Andrew. Lovely use of the shallow DoF and a rich set of colours. The asymmetrical background does not bother me a bit, and prevents it being too studio perfect. A charming flower as well

  4. You list the things that aren’t right, but all I see is a wonderful photograph of a beautiful flower. The colors are so vivid and real I want to reach out and touch the blossom.

  5. Excellent photo and processing. I heard an interview of an actor shooting a Chistmas movie (coats, scarves…) in august – and he hated to feel warm. They had to get a guy to follow him around just out of the frame with a portable air conditioner, blasting him with chilled air. Maybe you can hire a guy like that in HK?
    All the best!

  6. A very different Hardacre, I like the graphic quality – and like Yvonne I am not apposed to the varied background it doesn’t seem to disturb the lighting for me – but I don’t have your eye. Mosquitos can drive a person crazy when trying to take time over something.
    I’ll send your photo in to the Mexican Ambassador and see if they would like to update their national image.

  7. Interesting and very pretty background. I actually like the all the varied colors of the background. The flower is gorgeous. Different processing for a different perspective.

  8. Never had this sort of camera trouble in Tommy the Toreador. But that, as I remember it, was far more ‘watch the birdie’ than hold hard for the pollen count. At the moment, with the fifth day of drenching rain I’m finding it difficult to sympathise with mosquitoes brought out in the 30 degree heat. Fine picture.

    • We were chatting to the manager of a local restaurant this evening. She and her husband had just come back from a 2 week holiday. It rained each day and just to round it off nicely they had an earthquake on the last day. 5 days – nothing!

  9. OOOOoh, I like this! Is your flora some sort of fuschia? I hope you don’t have dengue in HK? I spent my life in Jakarta in a mist of deet – out with the Chanel No.5 in with the Jungle Formula 😀

    • I now know there are several countries using these colours for their flag. Thank you, Barbara. Italy should have been obvious to me 😦

    • M.R., what has happened? I stopped seeing your posts in my reader. So I hop over to the blog manually and find there are posts I’ve missed. Joe the Plumber is extraordinary. Are these people real? I will never understand the NRA. Are you allowed a gun in Australia? Can you go on a ‘roo shoot on a whim? Surely not. Anyway, good to know you are active and it’s just my side that’s playing up.

      • Not your side, darlin – it’s that FUCKING Reader. It is known by many bloggers to be totally unreliable. No way of predicting when, let alone why.
        That’s why I loathe and detest it, and refuse to use it.
        Our gun laws are much stricter, but we have our share of loonies, I assure you ! Why, in the NSW State Govt there’s a party called something like The Shooters’ Party ! – but I think they watered down their name. Hang on a tick: – there you go. And in fact the liberals and the nationals are a coalition, so that they hold power. Our next State election is next March; and as there’s been a lot of corruption shit flying around re the libs, it’ll be interesting.

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