Walking without water

We awoke early this morning confidently expecting to have our water supply restored. Wrong. It did start again at 11am, 22 hours after it was temporarily cut off. But in the heat I was a very unhappy bunny and whilst Mrs. Ha decided to head off to CC2’s apartment for a shower I decided to grab a camera and go for a walk up the hill.

I confess I struggled badly and considered giving up as the fatigue did not take long to overwhelm me. I made it half way up and then returned. I am tracking my BP and HR quite closely and the BP is fine but still my resting HR is a bit erratic even with a double strength dose of the calcium channel blockers. Still, I came back with some reasonable images for handheld (rather shaky  handheld I admit). This was my bug of the day: Oides maculatus

Oides maculatus Oides maculatus

What a star!  A couple of splendid arachnidae. The top one is of the genus Opiliones I am told. I know them as Harvestmen.

Harvestman Spider for ID


The two butterflies are Discophora sondaica tulliana (vernacular Common Duffer) and below, Lethe europa, Bamboo Tree Brown.

IMGL5003 Lethe europa

And because the moths moan if they are left out, here are Scopula propinquaria and another Scopula, which I cannot ID to species level. Both are Geometrids, Sterrhinae.

Scopula propinquaria Scopula

And that was it. Right now the water coming out of the kitchen tap is black. Things are looking down. And that is it for May. June may soon be bustin’ out all over. Lucky June.



33 thoughts on “Walking without water

  1. Hope your water problems are now resolved. I’m not normally intrigued by bugs – I give them as wide a berth as possible – but you manage to make them interesting and attractive. Quite a talent 🙂

  2. Nice passel of bugs ye got there, matey. I’m rather partial to the Scopulaeaeaeae…..Scopula propinquaria is spectacular. I like moths more than butterflies although the sheer number is a total befuddlemental.
    No shower….forget the garlic butter suggestion then. Whooooeee. It’s past my bedtime and I’m a bit giddy if you can’t tell.

  3. Love the translucent wings on your bug and I have fallen for the first moth, because it looks so downy. I remember water ‘fun’ in Gibraltar in the 1950s. We kids were happy with salt water most of the time, but clothes have a strange stickiness to them.

    • Salt water? I can imagine the stickiness. We had a bore hole in the 60s and 70s and occasionally it would run dry. 1976 for example. I don’t need it any more – I am too old (and grumpy) to go carrying buckets up hill all the time. I just want fresh running water, even if it is not hot.

    • Not really Simon. We lost power for 2 days once and we have no mains gas. Water is a bit erratic but rarely goes off for this length of time. Maybe 5 or 6 hours and invariably planned. This was an emergency but they would not tell us what caused it.

  4. How can I acquire that rather shaky handheld technique! I’d give my neighbours eye-teeth to be clear yo shoot as crisp as those. A lovely crop of bugs.

    Take care of the AF (not photographic the other one). It takes a while for the BBs to get things thumping along as usual.

    Black water is not encouraging.

    • Rod, they are trying to slow the heart down now not put it back into a regular beat. That comes later. Maybe if I get rid of one AF the other will improve.

      The secret is to take many shots and sometimes I use burst mode in the hope that if I fire off 6 at a time one will be sharp. Most of my efforts get canned.

  5. Yikes, black water is just as bad as no water. Hope this issue gets resolved soon! I feel bad about having to waste water at my place – due to a faulty heater, the shower/tap has to run at full blast for about a minute 😦 And please take care and take it easy with the photo equipment & (salty) bacalao when in Portugal!

    • Thanks Angelina. I am more worried about the heat in Portugal but I will take good care of my camera gear. We were warned all the time in Barcelona too. I think many big cities have the same issue.

      • Oh, I meant to not haul too much gear lest it gets exhausting (especially in the summer heat)! I think your gear would be safer from wandering hands in Portugal than in BCN. Are you going to be in Porto? If so, try to pop into Livraria Lello & Irmão – it’s a gorgeous gothic bookstore and they have a little coffee area on the upper level where you can take a breather amongst all the books (mostly Portuguese).

  6. Love the bugs – especially Lanky Larry with the super long legs. Grrr, what a pest about your water being off. I know that I complained bitterly about not having any hot water for weeks but at least we had cold water. I hope it gets sorted out soon.

  7. A beautiful set Andrew. Some seriously good macro work here. All lovely , but there is something about the Harvestman I just love! Best of luck with the water situation and have a great weekend

    • Thanks James. Yes the harvestman is a surprising success. I tried to go in closer but I must have touched something and he felt the vibration and bolted. Water is back, thanks.

  8. I think moths can be more beautiful than butterflies – let’s hear it for the moths! Sorry to hear about your lack of water – I’ve missed a few posts while I’ve been away. Normal service will be resumed shortly. That’s me, I mean, not, I imagine, your water situation …

  9. Do you get told on TV what happened re water shutdown ? Or in any manner ? Your photos are quite magnificent, you whingeing bastard – as you well know !! What is the larger spidge – but you don’t know, do you ? The moths really are quite stunning – almost as much so as butterflies. And your bug with its transparent raincoat is WONDERFUL. I love it !
    I am amazed that even with the blockers you have been given permission to struggle up hills …

    • M.R., there has been zero media coverage. Not one iota have I seen. Over 24 hours now. I just spoke to the Water Services department and they haven’t a clue. I asked about exercise and was told that within reason I can toddle out and it may do me good. Or it may not. Perhaps. Maybe. But there are bugs out there. A man’s gotta do…..

      • Indeed he do. Just stop making ludicrous statements about the quality of the shots, OK ? – otherwise I shall have to write something about it. [grin]

  10. Watch your health Andrew. Loved the bug, spiders, butterflies and moths. If the water is so bad drink coffee!

    London circa 1650:

    “Coffee at first seemed exotic to the English and they debated its benefits and recipes. Handbills promoting “The Vertue of the Coffee Drink, First made and publickly sold in England by Pasqua Rosee” proclaimed coffee’s salutary effect on digestion, sore eyes, gout, scurvy, spleen, hypochondriac, rogue winds, and drowsiness.”

    From Reckless Appetites, by Jacqueline Deval

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