June – and we’re off………..

One thing I always do when I drive home after dark is to check whether any interesting bugs are in the garage. It is a rarity to find anything interesting during the day. Today was an exception. Mrs. Ha and I had been out for a quick bite to eat and to buy me some holiday trousers. Most shops laugh when they know my waist / leg size. Hong Kong emporia are  targeting the Asian physique. I fail on just about every count. If you are under 1.80m you are probably ok but at 1.90m you are going to struggle. Each time I have exhausted every other possibility I resort to go old M&S. And of course if you don’t mind boring fashions that went out in the 40s they are perfect. And I don’t. The Glenn Miller collection I think it is called.  Mrs. Ha would not be seen moribund in anything from M&S.  I get my own back by refusing to buy anything from what might loosely be termed boutiques. I make perhaps two exceptions – Armani and Zegna. I loved my Tesco jeans – £4 they cost me. Mrs. Ha threw them out but I rescued them.  Anyway I returned with 2 pairs of M&S linen trousers for less than the cost of setting foot in most places here. Amortised over 5 years they will hardly hit the P&L. As Mrs. Ha is wont to say, excellent money for value. (Don’t forget the Chinese work from right to left). But I seem to be wildly adrift from the garage and its after lunch visitors.

I am sure most people have seen and would recognise a Lacewing. How many people I wonder have seen them with their wings folded flat as opposed to held in a tectiform position? I do not recall having seen one but here is the proof:


Not a great shot but it was glued to the ceiling of the garage above Mrs. Ha’s car and neither of us wanted to drive it out just so I could take a better photo. No commitment, I know. You can see the venation. I don’t know exactly what species it is. If it isn’t a Lacewing please tell me what it is but surely of the order Neuroptera. I wonder whether it is some form of cooling technique to open the wings like this.

Visitor number two was also in a less than ideal position but I did a little better. Or maybe not. This, I am sure is a Katydid, order Othoptera. Again, I am not sure of the exact species. HK seems to lack an expert in Orthoptera.

Katydid Katydidcloseup

It never took its eyes off me. Like a picture, following me around the garage. The Mona Katydid. And they are both undoubtedly still there. I however have taken refuge in the study with the aircon breathing its zephyr-like coolness on me. And here I shall remain until we venture out to the club tonight. I am already starting to dribble at the the thought of my favourite Hokkaido scallops. Who knows what may be in the garage when we get back. Its a great excuse for going out of a Sunday evening.



23 thoughts on “June – and we’re off………..

  1. Indeed, I have never seen a photo of a lacewing with its wings flat, not ever ! Are you sure you didn’t apply a touch of superglu ??? 😉

  2. You are tall and I am wide – a nightmare scenario when living in the land of Petit-O’s. And yes, I too had to frequent M&S in Jakarta to find things that fitted me. Hideous garments, something akin to those vile stretch covers that peeps used to clad old sofas in but still, needs must.

    I’ve never seen a Lacewing, very pretty and a great colour too.

    • Its very sad Lottie when a once great British institution can only attract us because we are (slightly) larger than the average Asian. I looked at the clothes I bought today – Bangladesh & India. M&S used to boast 90% of their gear was made in Britain. I guess now 90% isn’t. I don’t think you will ever look like an old sofa, not in the stunningly elegant fluorescent beanie 🙂

  3. Nice observation of small things Andrew. I do feel for you too trying to find things to wear where everyone seems so petite and trim compared with we rather overfed lumpy European types.

    • Interestingly the Asian physique is changing as the diet becomes more westernized. Height is increasing and shape too. Chinese is also an enormous catch all and they vary from small and slim to tall and broad. But still I can’t find a reliable supplier of clothes.

  4. I’m all for the Glen Miller collection. Not to mention the Will Hay range and the latest from Ted Moult. I also like the concept of holiday trousers. I’m sure I used to buy hints especially for the trips away. It was part of the experience.

    • Ted Moult….. didn’t he come to a rather sad end? Will Hay was my father’s favourite – Hey Mr. Porter I think it was. I vaguely recall he looked a bit like Mr. Pastry. Maybe not. But either would be a fine model for a collection. A man can never have too many holiday trousers.

  5. The first picture was stunning, the first time I’d seen anything like it.
    Katydids are another matter. The “watching”–the staring your down–kind of creeped me out when I was twelve. So much that I wrote a story about it. My teacher gave me a horrified look–I didn’t know she had a fear of pretty much all insects, but especially Katydids because one once got caught in her hair and terrified her.
    Every insect has a story…

    • I have heard of people getting bats and moths caught in their hair but not a katydid. I wonder if mischievous schoolchildren played on her fear of insects. Franz Kafka probably wrote the ultimate insect horror story – Die Verwandlung – Metamorphosis. One of the great opening lines in modern literature. “One morning, upon awakening from agitated dreams, Gregor Samsa found himself, in his bed, transformed into a monstrous vermin.” It actually sounds a lot better in the original German.

  6. I end up in M&S but not for clothes more for getting food that I miss from England. some more great macro. I like the second image compared to the other two, I don’t know why.

  7. How do you keep your garage so clean? Mine is positively crawling with deceased bugs and cobwebs from the bug hunters who dwell within.
    That lacewing is quite attractive with its flaps down like that. If there are few if any photographic records of that behavior you have yourself a winner. Cash it in. 🙂

    • It is an pen garage, Steve – no doors so it gets fresh air and light each day. Now of course if you looked in the shed, that would be a very different story. Gecko central in there.

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