Quiz time

I walked up the hill this morning. Half way to be honest. Yesterday my new meds started to give me bad side effects so the cardio texted me to stop taking them. I just needed to get out in the air and forget all the hassle. As always when I wander up the road behind the house there are things to be photographed. Like this. I asked Mrs. Ha what she could see and she said a stick. Well she was half right.Stick insect

It of course a stick insect. And very shy it was too.

The first candidate this morning was a caterpillar. It looks as if you should want to stroke it but you don’t. Its hairs will irritate you very badly. I seem to recall that this one has not been bred through to imago so we don’t know what species it is.HairyCat

I then found a Planthopper. Not in the easiest of places to snap but here are two efforts:Planthophiding Planthopper

And here is a much better photograph taken a while back when I was more mobile and using a tripod all the time. Note how the shade changes the colour temperature as well as the shutter speed! This is Geisha distinctissima, a flatid planthopper.

Geisha distinctissima

Geisha distinctissima

A couple of moths caught my eye:Moth Retina rubrivitta

The one above is Retina rubrivitta and the upper one is Egnasia seclusalis.

Lets finish off with these three. The first is a grasshopper nymph (it has no wings yet) and it is one of the short-horned groppers, maybe Traulia orientalis, a common species. [Addendum, it could also be a Band-winged grasshopper – not sure]. The nymphs often bear no resemblance to the adult form just to confuse the weak in the head, like me.


Another nymph and this is a classic I’m sorry I haven’t a clue shot. Tiny little thing smaller than my thumbnail (excluding the antennae).Nymph

And finally our old friend Leptodialepis bipartitus, a Spider-hunting wasp. Just a record shot as it was either running around too quickly for me or it was under the leaf litter. I watched it for 10 minutes starting to burrow. John X Q Lee describes this species as large and fearsome looking and says the sting can be intensely painful. Luckily they don’t attack without provocation. Write out 100 times “I will not provoke a large fearsome looking spider-hunting wasp”.  I have observed this species many times without problem (famous last words?).SHWAsp

That is it for today. I shall be up and out tomorrow at 5am to catch the Cathay flight to Singapore and I shall return on Saturday, all being well. I doubt if I shall blog from Singapore but you never know what creatures may be lurking in my hotel room.



15 thoughts on “Quiz time

  1. I am sorry that the med started to side effect you badly. I hope there is some other choice to help keep things stable. Best of luck to have a safe, productive and healthy trip.

    I am rather fond of hoppers of all kinds, but especially plant and treehoppers. Your flatid individual is very appealing. It is just starting to get warm enough for the summer buggies to start messing about. I hope to add a few to our blogosphere soon too.

  2. The Grasshopper Nymph looks amazing. Man, I do envy the variety of insects you find walking near where you live. I recognised the stick insect straight away though if I was walking by I am not sure I would have.

  3. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a spider-hunting wasp, but it’s quiet impressive. All this are excellent, Andrew, the photographs of the planthopper are my favorites…amazing!
    Wishing you the best as you get your meds sorted out.

  4. Half way up the hill seems to have been quite far enough for some interesting finds and great images.
    Take it easy until they get your mess sorted out properly. Have a safe trip

  5. You’re definitely kind of your chosen fiefdom, AH ! And Honkers has the most beautiful moths. Even that wops is good-looking ! Why are you travelling again ? – more work ? I can’t help feeling you’re overdoing things. I shall have to address Mrs Ha on this topic … [grin]

    • MR, WP has unfollowed me from your blog. Just discovered. What a crap (free) service. Yes I am working again 😁😁😁

      • It does that to me on a regular basis. I start wondering why I haven’t heard from someone for a while and check it out, and sure enough – they’ve gone from my list.
        I reckon this has happened at least half a dozen times.
        The irritation is in wondering who I don’t even realised I’ve lost.
        Good travelling !

  6. I’m jealous – you’ve got much more interesting bugs than we have. I guess finding trews to fit is a small price to pay when you have such a plethora of fabulous insects to photograph!
    What a pest about your meds, hope the doc gets you sorted out soon. Happy travels to Singapore 🙂

  7. I thought you were going to break into a blues number for a minute there. Wonderful camera work and a huge guffaw broke from the Johnson on the sanction for wasp provocation. Enjoy Singapore and take it easy.

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