Colour – by day and by night

I want to pursue the theme of colour.

Each morning Mrs. Ha and I rose at dawn and enjoyed what was on most days the best of the light. However on the rare occasions that we stayed up past our usual cocoa time there was also captivating light to play with.

The beauty of a modern digital camera is the ability to capture more of the light in a single frame. I did not shoot any HDR images. I felt the Fujifilm XT-1 provided me with superb dynamic range in single frames. I happily shot away up to ISO 3200 and without a tripod.

At dawn the colours were soothing and calm.

Calm Dawn Dawn - Porto

And at sunset the fires were blazing and the photographic opportunities red hot:

Sunset - Porto Sunset - Porto Sunset

How much more drama could you ask for?

Well how about the night time blues? A couple of years ago this sort of image would have been unthinkable from a small camera, handheld at night.

Boat in Blue

In between time the problem was overly harsh light. Beyond 9am the softness ebbed away and my solution was invariably to seek out the shade, out or indoors. I wonder how many people walked past or indeed on these tiles? It is truly in the detail.

Floor Tiles Tiles

I also use processing software to extract from my images what can be lost at first glance. I shot this in a gorgeous railway station. At first glance the frame did not look promising. Extreme highlights from the windows and lost detail in the shadows. I pushed this frame through NIK’s Color Efex Pro and used the tonal contrast and detail extractor filters. I worked the extremes of the dynamic range in LR5.5 and here is the finished result.

At the station

This was shot using what is disparagingly called a ‘kit lens’ – the Fuji 18-55mm zoom. I adjusted the perspective in Lightroom. It looks like an HDR blended image but it isn’t. I do like the glow. Deep in the background you can even see Mrs. Ha.

Finally, a photo taken at the hottest part of the day – just after lunch. I wandered off without even Tom and Huck and the reward was what I called ‘Meet & Greet’.

Meet & Greet


So there we are. Another gad about a town called colour. No big DSLR. No Tripod. No fancy lenses. Just a willingness to get up early, stay out late and keep to the shade.



23 thoughts on “Colour – by day and by night

  1. A lovely eclectic mix from beautiful skies to wonderful glimpses of place. Thanks for taking me on the journey, I do appreciate your photos!

  2. A veritable kaleidoscope of photographic wonderfulness! and you are right, it’s well nigh impossible to capture the colours during the heat of the day – everything gets bleached out. Iberian sunsets are the best – very dramatic and passionate. The first photograph of the tiles is my favourite and the train station gets second place 😀

    • Ah! I knew you would like the tiles. I think people thought I was bonkers photographing the floor but it turned out ok. Lucky me.

  3. All of them are gorgeous pictures and I really liked the commentary to go with them … even if I didn’t understand the ‘technical’ stuff 🙂 The first photo of tiles is really stunning. It’s one of those little hidden treasures that we often overlook while we are too busy focused on the wider world or absorbed in our thoughts.

    • Detail sometimes makes for interesting shots and the tiles just screamed out to me. The techie stuff is just fluff and padding. Ignore it.

  4. A very pleasing selection. I think you should add to your last comment “and significant post-prcessing patience”. The train station is really impressive.

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