Sharp eyes will see a new theme in use.

I came across this one by accident. I like the clean, sharp look. It is a little more work intensive.  My old theme had done sterling service. It was simply time to find something that was more photography-friendly.

Setting a featured image seems preferable to having a solid block of colour. However not all images sit well in the header format. I shall have to decide case by case which route to follow.

The acid test is whether the reader finds it an improvement. I would greatly value your feedback.


Thank you


12 thoughts on “Refresh

  1. I like this but I don’t love it. Only because I see this WP theme again and again and I’m bored of it. I know that you are not nuts about paying for a premium theme but there are some fantastic ones – there must be something snazzy out there that floats your boat, Ratty!! 😉 p.s I bags Toad!

  2. Yes, like the new look, after my initial reticence. Might give it a whirl – if and when I get around to another blog!

  3. This one is okay but I suppose I was so used to seeing the old one that it had “grown on me.” I’m not sure if I’m crazy about this one. It seems bland but it might have to do with the pale blue background.

    Finding a theme that puts all the eggs in one basket is “the problem. I have looked at many themes and have stuck with the current one because I like how the title, dates, comments and all are displayed. I also like the fonts on mine. I can set the comments to display the last comment to show up at the top of the list and I like that as well. I don’t like the itty space for the header picture so I’ve never put one there.

    If you photos are easy to insert in/into the blog then maybe you would want to keep this one. It is a hassle for me to put photos in/into my posts.

    Shopping around for a post that you will like can be a real pain. If this one has more pros than cons then maybe you’ll want to continue with this one.

    Can you list categories rather than just archives? Example: About cameras, Birds, Insects, Mushrooms, Street photography, Countries: Spain. Korea, Portugal, UK, Historic buildings, Dogs and or Animals.etc

    • Yvonne, the perfect theme has not yet been developed in my view. Maybe because I won’t (yet) pay for one. I will see if I have a widget left for categories and whether that is possible. I’ll go with this for a week or two and see if I like it.

  4. Yeah, that space for the featured image is restrictive. Maybe a pano made up of a collection of smaller images?

    I often catch up on my email in bed after waking. This morning was a shock when I responded to one of your replies. Obviously, I can’t yet tell about how an image will look, but it is very clean and easy to read. The bg color is quite easy on the eyes.

    • The pano is a neat idea Steve but it is a featured image from the blog not a fixed image. Too much hassle to do one for each post unless I can write a macro for it.

  5. Not fond of the font. Definitely clean. The photos on the previous post looked good. The header is a bit narrow for a featured image though (again based on previous post).

    Oddly I’m toying with new theme time. It’s just finding one …

    • I agree about the header image. Its good for panos. Not really other formats. I had my last image fixed for years. Never used a featured image. We’ll see how it goes. I can always change again!

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