Porto – reflections

Before we left HK the travel agent confided in Shirley that ‘there wasn’t much to see in Porto’. Perhaps we went to the wrong Porto. Apart from the town itself and some stunning buildings it was wonderful just to stroll along the river and enjoy the early morning or late evening atmosphere. One evening we walked out and along the river bank were huge screens so that people could watch the soccer World Cup. The game was Germany versus Ghana if I recall correctly and I think it finished 2-2 after a few scary moments for the sausagers. May the Wurst team win? Here are a few ‘crowd’ scenes all shot with the Fujifilm X-T1.

Ghana score!

Ghana score!

World Cup lovers

World Cup lovers

Es darf doch nicht wahr sein!

Es darf doch nicht wahr sein!

C'mon Germany

C’mon Germany

Did it go in?

Did it go in?

And of course some are only there for the beer.

Zum Wohl!

Zum Wohl!

Me? Well I soaked up the romantic atmosphere and gazed across the river.

DSCF2338-2 Porto reflections

20 thoughts on “Porto – reflections

  1. Last two photos are truly beautiful. The colors reflected in the water are stunning. The street shots of folks are excellent. Love the expressions of some of the men.

  2. Shoot the Travel Agent! – Lovers defo wins First Prize but all the pics are stupendous and capture ‘the moment’ whether that be beer swilling, nail-biting or abject misery. The two dapper gents at the quayside look like an advert for Glenfiddich (sans mosquitos and highland mist) 😀

    • I went round this morning and shot the TA, Lottie. He clearly deserved it. I was provoked beyond measure. Glenfiddich or Glenmorangie, either would have suited me in the past.

  3. Nothing to see here…just keep moving folks. 🙂 Gotta love those travel agents. Maybe next time you should hire Sandra to plan the trip. Of course, that would mean rising times before the sun which I am guessing is not Shirley’s idea of vacation. 🙂
    Guess you won’t be using that agent again.. Seems there was plenty to see.

    So, you fell back on old reliable 2011, I see.

    • The irony of it was, Maggie, that the agent had done the same trip as us so he spoke from experience. I wonder what he expected.

  4. I thought I’d got the wrong blog. I’ve not got anywhere with trying a new theme. Or rather, I spent the best part of a day trying out loads. I’m still stuck with 2011. I think you’ve made a great showcase for it as a photoblog with this post, the photos look fantastic. I love the b&w of the two men, but the lovers is a close second.

    • Thanks Kate. I decided the last theme was too complicated. As Eb said, its a jumble. Perhaps you should design something and get someone to build it for you. 2011 seems as good as any FTB.

      • Franchise Tax Board?

        I’d like a slightly deeper header pic, the ability to change fonts and font sizes, and nested comments not to reduce in width because sometimes they become difficult to read. Only applies when you have discussion type comments. Otherwise it serves as well as any other. I tweaked on blogger because I could, so then you get something a bit different from standard layout. But blogger changed too much so I am here. If only they would let us into the templates for free …

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