Dawn with the X-T1

Last evening we drove on to the Island to have dinner at the club. All I could see was a magnificent sunset. I just wanted to stop and take photos. Not an option. Getting up at dawn was though. The observatory said sun rise at 5.45 so I was out at 5.15. The first smudges of red were tinting the base of the clouds. Ominously though there were a few distant lightning forks and some rumbles of thunder.

I had the X-T1 mounted on the tripod and I put on the 10-24mm OIS zoom. The deep reds never happened. I waited over an hour until the sun was well above the hilltops. A disappointing start to the day. I took about 50 shots including some bracketed ones although to be honest the dynamic range on the histograms prove this wasn’t really necessary. I should trust the histogram more. I was worried the sun patches would burn out but they didn’t.

Here are 3 shots, all taken from the same spot but very different in nature. I am indebted to Steve Gingold for suggesting a tighter crop on the sky.

This was my original choice (cropped).

Dawn Pano

This is 3 frames merged – I’m not convinced it is worth doing in this instance!


And this is a totally different look and feel as the sun is over the hilltops and everything is warming up.


And just for fun, the amazing glow of dawn in monochrome.


21 thoughts on “Dawn with the X-T1

    • SHIT! – what happened ! Must’ve hit some key or other …
      As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted – NEVER crop the sky. The sky is almost always going to be the best part of the photo – unless it’s clear blue, of course …
      Which just goes to show that you can’t please all of the people all of the time, eh, Andrew ?

    • Thanks Marylin. I have to go out again tonight so I shall be watching to see if the sun is going to offer a repeat performance.

  1. Spectacular Dawn views, Andrew. (I have to capitalise there!) What a privilege to watch. One of my first Dawns (apart from the time of birth!) was age 8 when we climbed up Helvellyn. How Nature heralds a new start to life each day is magical, as these shots show.

  2. The first one with a bit more space on top and at the bottom, as discussed on FB 🙂 As I said, a wonderful morning mood and one of your best 🙂 The good thing is: you have this view every day! You could make a small project like different moods in the course of the year. I’m currently doing this for an old oak tree in Baselbiet and for my cityscapes this year. Lots of fun!!!

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