Portugal wrap up

I have a few images from Portugal to wrap up the holiday. It is also a time to reflect on what I took with me and how happy I was with the results.

On our last trip (to Jeju) I took a Canon body and 4 heavy lenses. I promised myself I would not do that again. I invariably become a pack mule at some point during the day as Mrs. Ha discards the odd layer or three. She puts the water bottles in my camera pack and a few snacks. I also carry my binoculars as a rule. This time I packed my Fujifilm X-T1, a 14mm lens, the 18-55mm kit lens, a 23mm lens and a 56mm lens. I took my M9 and the Noctilux but they stayed in the safe and didn’t get an airing except for one evening in a restaurant. I dispensed with my binoculars. I did not expect to get many chances to look at birds on a group trip. That was probably my only regret. I do wish I had had my bins.

The 14mm lens was a godsend in buildings. The wide-angle allowed me to take decent interior shots. The 23mm was beautiful for landscapes and the 56mm for people shots. The 18-55mm was my work horse utility lens and I have no complaints about image quality. This kit covered all my travel needs and at a push I could have travelled just with the 18-55mm. The lesson is clear – travelling light is a lot more fun.

Here are my final images including some abstracts.

Ornate Roof




Wall Art

Wall Art


And finally……….

Walk on by?

Walk on by?

Where, you might ask is the pithy punditry on this morning’s soccer? After last night probably most people wanted another spectacular but expected a less dramatic match. So it proved to be. Less dramatic is a polite way of saying that it was one of the most boring games I have seen in years. My half time comment on FB was:

So it’s 0-0 at HT. With both teams playing from right to left that’s surprising. A cross between top class chess and watching paint dry.

One of the wittier responses was:

If I’d wanted to watch “cat and mouse” I’d have watched the Vet programme.

By the time the penalty bore-out came round there was a sad sense of inevitability about the result. Do I feel sorry for the Dutch? Nah. Both teams contributed to a game of unrelenting tedium. We will of course watch the final but we shall spare ourselves the ‘who cares’ game on Saturday. My recommendation is to go out and take photographs instead.


31 thoughts on “Portugal wrap up

  1. Loved the abstract shots. The soccer was boring, both teams concentrating on not losing. Lucky you for at least being in Portugal. We had none of that, just Abbott and the usual trite. Thanks Allah for your shots and tales.

  2. ANDREW ! – what are those two GLORIOUS pieces of artwork ? – numbers 5 and 6 ??? And number 3 ain’t too shabby, either …

    • Thank you. The agapanthus was growing in the local park. We have them here too. They were in the shade of the jacaranda tress – wonderful complimentary tones of purple / mauve.

  3. We went to bed at half time having dozed off for most of the first half. Not that bothered about the final. Can’t support Argentina and can’t bring ourselves to shout for Germany either. It’s all gone a bit flat. Roll on the Commonwealth Games.

  4. I went to bed just after half-time and tried out my visualisation technique which normally works like magic – I flooded my mind with ORANGE – orange-glad men, bowls of oranges, orange ice-lollies, orange sunsets – the works, except of course it didn’t work 😦 BOO HOO I need to go back for a refresher course at Hogwarts.

    Your photos are enchanting – a sight for sore eyes after last night. I particularly like the penultimate one – the bright green jobby with what looks like a snaking river.

    • It is a river, Lottie. It is also flipped upside down from the original. I just felt frivolous. I am still conjuring with the image of orange-glad men. Is that where they put an orange in their mouth and get tied up in knots?

  5. Those abstract murals are fantastic. I’m at a loss re: “Muriel”. The only reference, aside from a lady’s name, is a cigar but I have a sneaky suspicion that is not even close.
    The next to last is quite cool also. It has green in it…green is cool.
    Traveling light is sounding better with each passing day.

    • There was a TV soap actress called Hilda Ogden (Jean Alexander), Steve. She was a modern day Mrs. Malaprop. She had some ‘muriels’ on her wall. She was a wonderful character. The soap was called Coronation Street. Its about 50 years old and still going. My late mother loved it.

  6. I go with the ‘less is more’ thinking, especially when it comes to travelling with photography equipment. For my upcoming 12-day trip, I’m probably bringing a Canonet GL17 which I’ve only used once (and still have not developed the film) as I want to see how this might affect what/how I photograph. Will have my iPhone so there would be plenty of shots to experiment with too!

    • I discovered a very old film camera in the back of a drawer recently. It is a Canon Prima Super 115 AND it has a film in it!!! But no battery. I wonder what gems it may hold. I must see if I can find a battery that fits. Enjoy the trip. Make sure you buy AB a panama.

  7. These are good. Interesting abstract shots with lots to see within the photo. If one looks at the photo for a while all sots of things pop up. But my favorite is of the doors with the man sitting as if he were feeling “blah.”

  8. A spectacular series, Andrew! I really enjoyed your blog and images from your trip.
    The green water image is my favorite in this entry.

  9. It’s good to have some of your thinking behind the photographs. I’m still letting the camera take the shots but, like a chess player, or someone waiting for the paint to dry, I’m planning my next moves. I think I sat through the football but can’t be too sure.

  10. I don’t believe I have ever seen these before those what I believe are paintings are beautiful. Thank you Andrew for your support, I hope all is well, many blessings and peace

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