I was out shortly after 5am today. The idea was simple. Or so I thought. A time lapse of the sunrise. I set myself up and took 400 frames with the Fujifilm X-T1. I tried to be clever and adjust the exposures manually as the light increased. That seemed to give me very abrupt and uneven changes that frankly looked disastrous. I won’t do that again. I think also I should have used a slower shutter speed and longer intervals. I was already at ISO200 with an added polariser. Everything I have read seems to recommend using a wide aperture but I was at F11. This is a candidate for my growing list of epic fails.

I had downloaded some intimidating software on a free trial. It is called LRTimelapse 3 and I am sure it is capable of producing amazingly smooth, evenly lit, flicker-free sequences. Just not the way I used it. Despite following the video tutorial on workflow my screen looked different from the intended format. Several things failed to happen as they should and some menu items seemed not to have installed properly. The result was 3 hours down the drain and a complete wipe out. I am going to try again later this afternoon when the temperature is cooler.

In the 400 frames I had a few that looked fair as stills. So until I work out how to use the software or give up, whichever comes sooner, we are back to either stills or very simple timelapses in constant light. Here is the salvage from the batch I scuppered this morning. Doesn’t dawn look good in monochrome?



And an early practice shot:




17 thoughts on “Sunrise

  1. These would be great images to use when teaching tonal values to a budding artist – the sense of depth and recession. And I envy the view you wake up to!

  2. Shame about the software, hope it works out. Although that’s like me trying to get a decent picture out of a digital camera full stop…

  3. Three hours not exactly down the drain as you can chalk it up to due diligence). 🙂 And the use of the time lapse allowed you to get several stills that are very nice on their own.
    That is quite a view to take in on a daily basis.

  4. The last one is my favorite, Andrew. I love all of them, but the last one pulls me fully into a world so clear and vivid I can feel the cool breezes as I wait for the day to take hold.

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