Raspberry Ripple

Yesterday’s sunrise is still giving me a lift. Apologies to those who have seen this on FB but this image turned out to be my favourite:

Raspberry Ripple

Raspberry Ripple

There are some flare spots, which I could process away if I ever decided to print this but to be honest I am not unhappy with it as it stands. Someone described it as postcard perfect. I hope that was a compliment. I tend to dismiss some images as ‘chocolate box’ photos – the sort of thing you’d find on the lid of a box of Milk Tray. I wonder if postcard perfect falls into the same category 😉

I also looked at the images from yesterday and wondered if they look over-processed. They have been through my usual workflow but there is no blending of multiple images and I tried to avoid any over-saturation of the sky. I liked the reflections of the colour and clouds in the flat calm sea in the bay. We have bad weather looming so I hope I will get a chance to photograph this view in very different conditions.

My outing today was only partly photography related. I had a trip to the cardiologist. I don’t seem to be making much progress and now I have yet another load of tablets to take daily. Old Rattler they will be calling me soon. Back for an ECG next week. The zap or not zap decision looms large. I did however go looking for a strong neutral density filter for timelapse work. All I could find with a 72mm thread was a HOYA variable ND filter and the reviews were not good. I want something in the 8-10 stop range, ideally fixed. On the flip side I received my copy of Alex Webb’s book The Suffering of Light. Don’t go looking for pretty landscapes or cute wildlife here. This is gritty, complex, hardcore street photography that challenges the mind.

So just to show I don’t just do ice cream skies, here is the local town at night. My interpretation of You are never alone with a Strand.

Sai Kung by Night

Sai Kung by Night

Both the colour and the monochrome were shot with my faithful Fujifilm X-T1.

16 thoughts on “Raspberry Ripple

  1. Do you tire of the view? I want to retire to a spot that has a vista. I wonder if I’m deluding myself. That, yes, it might be a really amazing view at first but after a bit… it loses it’s impact.

    By way of a teaching moment for this photography newbie: flare spots – are those the white gauze-y dots? There’s one at 4 o’clock to the sun.

    • That’s it! You’ve got it. Do I ever tire of the view? No Maggie but it took Shirley 18 months of hunting to find the combination of house, view and price that all matched our needs. It is for sale if someone wants to buy it 🙂

      • For sale! Good thing you are photographing this spectacular view while you can. All the best to you and Mrs. Ha for a substantial profit!

  2. Sometimes all it takes is an aspirin and others are a more extended journey, Andrew. Soon you will hit on a good mix of pharmas to have it all under control.
    I am more than happy to see your images in more than one place….I do it myself often enough. And this is pleasing enough to merit several viewings.
    If you are going to do your view in many conditions, maybe a lightning trap would be of use. 🙂

    • Can you recommend a good ND filter Steve? I have found one on B&H but the shipping to HK is crazy – half the cost of the filter. I must explore more in HK.

      • I use B&W, Andrew. Singh-Ray’s Vari-ND is another option that many like although it has some inconsistency at certain settings.
        Is the cost high due to VAT?

  3. Stunning colors again! Spectacular. Hope this round of pills successfully ceases your resistant AF.

  4. I LIKE flare spots. In fact, I love ’em ! Unless you’re entering a comp., I reckon you should leave ’em there, Mr H. But what the devil would *I* know ?! 🙂

  5. Raspberry Ripple, I wish that you’d not mentioned it. Now I can’t get ice-cream out of my head…….
    another VERY delicious photograph. I really like the reflection on the water. Hints of cassis I reckon.

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