The Black Dog

Sometimes I  wake up and I wonder what is wrong with the world. Here are 3 headlines from the BBC’s website:

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 11.38.40

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 11.38.51

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 11.39.01


Whatever its flaws I always turn to the BBC for objective reporting.

We had our own problems yesterday, typhoon winds threw furniture off our balcony into the road and younger daughter had emergency surgery (outcome looks good though). But how would you begin to explain to a first time visitor to our planet that Russia thinks it is acceptable to bring down a commercial airliner carrying innocent passengers, directly or by proxy? How would you explain the slaughter in the Middle East or why a country feels it needs to allow small children to work provided that they are under supervision. And why don’t we add this one to the mess:

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 11.56.15

Of course I am personally more directly affected by flying furniture and sudden family illness but I can not help feeling deeply depressed at the state of the world this morning. I can’t blog on trivia. But if you also need a smile, well maybe Mr. Pencil Man can help us.

Pencil Man



29 thoughts on “The Black Dog

  1. I have been a little concerned about the BBC’s coverage of the downing of the plane. I don’t quite know what it is but something is wrong editorially.

  2. Andrew, I’m so very sorry to hear of your daughter’s illness/injury, and I hope the days of returning for treatment all end well. Please keep us posted.

  3. I was driving home from my Rheumatologist (all good news this visit) appointment when I heard about the repeal of the Carbon Tax on NPR. I had to pull over, I was so distressed, and call my husband. Then he told me about the Malaysian Airlines attack. Ugly, full shoulder sobbing on the side if the road. 😦
    I am sorry to hear about your traumatic day. Relieved that your daughter’s surgery went well, benign result. I hope she has a quick and uncomplicated recovery.

  4. My heart is so heavy..between the plane crash, the wars in Israel & Afghanistan, the typhoon, an American’s remains found in Mexico, I want to run away and hide ..Prayers for our planet..
    Hope all is well with you and your family!

  5. Screw the world and only think of what’s on your Island like your daughter. I send warm thoughts to her. Hope everything gets back on track for her.

  6. Syria, Israel, Ukraine, Arab Spring uprisings turning sour, Iraq, Africa these are places where world powers should be forcing the hand of peace, yet the poisoning of the water after Americas and Britain’s recent adventures in the middle east have made that a near impossibility.

    The lack of reaction in Ukraine here in Poland is a reinforcement of the position that Nato and the UN and guard dogs without teeth and the agreements and treaties are more useful as toilet paper.
    In disgust I was hoping there would be American, British, German and French fatalities in the air crash because if there were I thought there would be a stronger reaction from the west.

  7. I once read eons ago that humans will eventually destroy the earth but first they will begin by destroying each other.

    I can not comprehend the insanity of lashing out at folks that had nothing to do with the war between Russia and Ukraine.

    Furthermore, working any human under the age of fifteen is inhuman/e. I can not see any justification for that except that the country has what I consider a third world mentality and the majority of the folks as far as I can tell are living an impoverished existence.

    I sincerely hope that YY continues to heal nicely and I am so glad that her prognosis is excellent.

  8. You are not the only one feeling the lick of the Black Dog. I must confess to having had a weep yesterday on hearing that news. First I was sad, then I was mad. Furious in fact. Global news is just one huge heartache right now and this passenger plane full of innocents, some of them specialists on HIV/Aids on their way to a conference tipped me over the edge. When is this madness going to stop? Sorry to hear about your daughter, I hope she is making a speedy recovery.

    • I read about the HIV conference angle later, Lottie. Isn’t it just awful that people can stoop to these depths. I fear it will never stop but at some stage I will be beyond its reach.

  9. To make a sweeping generalization….humans as a group are probably the least civilized species on the planet. I’ve always had a dim view of us as a group. Individually some of us are fine examples of what truly civilized creatures can become, but on the whole it’s a horror show with a few breaks within decades of atrocities on various levels.

  10. Hope your daughter recovers quickly, it was indeed a black day yesterday. Our thoughts go to all those in distress.
    Maybe the news we receive is just too immediate. To think, just a little over 100 years it would have taken many weeks for the news to reach us and then it would have been described in writing without the graphic images. Maybe it all is just too much for us to take.
    On a brighter note most people in the world are decent and loving. Also your wonderful photographs and very amusing blogs have brightened my days. Thank you. GP.

    • Thank you Geoff. We do suffer from immediacy and overload, I am sure. Although there have always been these dreadful events it still troubles me that history does not teach us of their futility. The blog is perhaps my attempt to hide from reality. I am hoping the British Open may provide some blogworthy news soon. I am in despair of the cricket.

  11. I share your sadness and dismay. Even worse, it doesn’t surprise me anymore. I must say that shooting down a jetliner is unthinkable.

    Best wishes for your daughter’s speedy recovery.

  12. We went to bed after the news and are just getting up with the same feelings. As animals, human self-destructive behaviour has baffled me all my life. If we’re so clever, can’t we manage any better than this? Hope your daughter recovers swiftly. Our small ray last night was also a communication from a daughter, safe and well, enjoying a new adventure.

    • I’m glad your daughter is safe and well, Hilary. YY is recovering well and now staying with us but has a daily trip to the hospital ahead for the next ten days.

  13. Hope all is well with your daughter. Frightening to have your furniture go flying, did you see it?
    First two headlines are shocking, but having lived in Bolivia, I am not surprised at the third nor against it…. surprised? Bolivia’s reality makes this a sensible law. I will post about that today, but later, first it’s 4am and I need more bedtime.


  14. They are truly shocking headlines, but whatever happens, one’s children’s health takes centre stage (my Son was terribly ill when born) so very glad to hear that your Daughter’s surgery went well. Have a great weekend Andrew

  15. Your black dog finds a home down here – ESPECIALLY on account of the mad people comprising our current guvmint. They really are insane with power, vindictiveness and revenge for having been kept out of Ruling (their right !) for so long.
    I can only apologise for them. The headline is misleading: the majority doesn’t want to do what the guvmint wants to do.

  16. Our planet does seem to have so many problems. I’m glad that it was only your furniture that was blown about, and not you! Best wishes for your daughter’s recovery too.
    It is unbelievable what this Australian Government is able to wreck… tragic what is going on here, but at least it is relatively safe. Unlike what is happening in the Middle East.
    How sad for all of those families losing their loved ones….
    I do love your Mr. Pencil, he soon brought a smile to my face! 🙂

    • I spotted Mr. Pencil in Cambodia on the wall of a school. He’s quite a character. The world is in a mess right now. So sad.

  17. It sure seems to be all downhill from here. 😦

    That must have been frightening for your youngest to need surgery. I hope she (and all of you) recuperate quickly.


    PS I’m no fan of our Prime Minister here in Australia …

    • She is out of hospital Yvonne and staying with us for now but she has to go back daily for 10 days. A lot of hassle but we are very relieved it was benign.

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