Green Hopper

Where has today gone? I’m sure it was here and now it almost isn’t. I am behind with blog reading, comment answering and just about everything else.

We were out mothing to almost midnight. Fell into bed after 1am and I was up again at 6am. All I shall offer today is 3 quick souvenir snaps from around the moth trap.

Normal service etc. etc.

Green grasshopper

Green grasshopper




24 thoughts on “Green Hopper

  1. I hope you are well-rested upon your return, Andrew. Not sure you should be exhausting yourself until you have some cardio answers.
    I thought maybe you had interviewed one of my FB friends of the same name.
    Is that second moth the One-antennaed Brown Spot? Does it fly in circles? 🙂

  2. Marvellous shots Andrew. The grashopper has a certain dignity about her or him. Proudly sitting there waiting to be discovered or even admired. You can tell. Just look at his stance.

  3. ALL worth looking at, Andrew ! – ALL enjoyable. I’ve come to think that I can actually like these little creatures, now that I’m seeing them sort of like people. If you get my drift …

  4. Whoa! Your retirement sounds exhausting. Take it easy. 🙂
    Fab photos, thank you for sharing.

    • Caroline, one of my ex colleagues asked me yesterday if I had returned to full time working. Well definitely not if I look at what I get paid. But I do more than I intended to be honest. Doing a few hours today.

  5. The Hopper is fantastic. I say that with some authority….I tried to photograph a cicada the other day and it’s nothing compared to the great shot you have here. Wel Jel :mrgreen:

  6. Glad you have been flashing in the dark again. I really like the hopper. Green with envy, me not the hopper
    Take it a but easier my friend.

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